Doctor Who: Reviews From The Land Of Fiction
Below are reviews I wrote, mostly between 1995 and 1997, for the rec.arts.drwho newsgroup. Unfortunately, I rarely pen them these days due to lack of time (though occasionally a new one crops up!). In case you're really curious, I still keep track of all the scores I've given each book (along with the Big Finish audio plays) here.

The New Adventures

Just War
Death And Diplomacy
Happy Endings
Christmas On A Rational Planet
Return Of The Living Dad
Death Of Art
Damaged Goods
Bad Therapy
Eternity Weeps
The Room With No Doors

The Missing Adventures

Lords Of The Storm
The Man In The Velvet Mask
The English Way Of Death
The Eye Of The Giant
The Sands Of Time
Killing Ground
The Scales Of Injustice
The Shadow Of Weng-Chiang
Twilight Of The Gods
Speed Of Flight
The Plotters
Cold Fusion
Burning Heart
A Device Of Death
The Dark Path

Non-Fiction (and Pseudo-Non-Fiction)

The Completely Useless Encyclopedia
The Fifth Doctor Handbook
A History Of The Universe
The Third Doctor Handbook
The Trenchcoat Discontinuity Handbook

Other Reviews

Death Comes To Time
Decalog 3: Consequences
The Doctor Who TV Movie
Myth Makers Presents: In Tua Nua
Myth Makers Presents: Jade
Myth Makers Presents: The Fires Of Prometheus
Novel Of The Film
Real Time
Time Rift
Who Killed Kennedy

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