The Links Page

Below are links to some of the best and most interesting Doctor Who and Who-related sites on the Internet. Check 'em out! (Oh, and if you find any of these links are broken, please e-mail me and let me know -- thanks!)

Premium Picks

These aren't necessarily all of the best Doctor Who sites on the Web, but they're certainly the ones that have caught my eye the most. In no particular order...

The Doctor Who News Page: the most comprehensive guide to the latest Doctor Who information, originally a part of this website Dan O'Malley's new site with book, video, and BlOoPeR information

Doctor Who Image Archive: Steve Hill's terrific resource for Who graphics

Merchandise & Resources

The following websites offer Doctor Who-related merchandise or web resources you might find interesting.

The Post Office Shop: includes a range of Doctor Who merchandise and a timeline infographic inspired by the line of Doctor Who stamps

Cast, Crew & Characters

These websites are all about various Doctor Who-related individuals -- actors, historians and more -- or about the fictional characters (and monsters!) created for the programme.

Doctor Who: The Universal Databank: website of longtime Doctor Who historian Jean-Marc Lofficier

Michael E Briant: Director and Sailor: the website for the director of several Pertwee and Tom Baker adventures

I Was Abugond The Kroton In Dr Who: the blog of actor Terence Brown


Does A Brief History Of Time (Travel) not give you enough info? Have you checked out the "Premium Picks" listed above and you're still not satisfied? Then maybe one of the following websites will fill the bill.

The Doctor Who Dynamic Rankings: user-contributed ratings for all the TV stories

Doctor Who Locations: a guide to the places where Doctor Who has been filmed

Doctor Who World: news, merchandise and other info

The Doctors of Doctor Who: an interactive timeline


We're an active lot, us fans, and we don't just create webpages. The following sites provide information on a plethora of fan endeavours.

The Adventures Of The League Of STEAM: Bitter Gnomes And Gardens: a short comedy film which pays homage to Blink and the Weeping Angels

The Daily Dalek: a humorous Dalek-themed comic strip

Doctor Who: The Missing Adventures: new fan-made audio adventures of the Second Doctor, free to download

Gallifrey Fanzine: an interactive web-based magazine

Intergalactic House Of Daleks - Dallas - Fort Worth (Doctor Who Viewing Society): self-explanatory, really

De Nederlands Doctor Who Page: That rarest of beasts... a Dutch Doctor Who site

Return To Kendal: A comedy CD produced for charity

Super Sounds Studios: Makers of Terror Of The Arctic, an eight-part Doctor Who audio drama

Torchwood Institute: Torchwood role-playing, in addition to other Doctor Who and Torchwood information

Who Sim Universe Portal: Doctor Who role-playing

Fandata: comprehensive info on fandom of all kinds