WHOvivor Tribal Council 12

by Shannon Patrick Sullivan

One by one, the WHOvivors approach the Voting Booth of Rassilon.

"It is time for the Alliance to dissolve," declares the Rani, as she votes for the Monk. "Getting rid of the Monk should cement my victory; the others, after all, are mere children!"

"Enough of this Alliance crap," says the Monk as he votes for Bernice. "I'll vote my own way, and my own way says to get rid of the girl who thinks she actually knows more about Greek poets than I do!"

"I am through with this Alliance," spits Leela. "With the Rani out of the way, the others should be easy prey."

When all the ballots are cast, Jeff announces "I'll go tally the votes." He leaves and returns momentarily with the ornate cask into which they all deposited their choices.

"First vote... Rani.

"Second vote... Monk."

"Third vote... Monk. That's two votes for the Monk and one vote for the Rani.

"Fourth vote... Bernice.

"Fifth vote... the Monk. Mortimus, bring me your torch."

Jeff snuffs out the Monk's torch. "The tribe has spoken. It's time to go."

"Hey, how did you know by name was Mortimus?" queries the Monk as he heads toward the transmat platform.

"They tell us everything about you guys in the production meetings," says Jeff.

"Everything?" asks the Monk, grimacing.

"Oh yeah," says Jeff, grimacing even more as the Monk dematerialises.

The Monk's Final Words

"Oh sure, they want some kind of lasting testimonial when my heart has just been ripped out. Right, whatever.

"I'll just hop into my TARDIS and... fix things, if you know what I mean. Erm, if I can find a functioning demat circuit, that is. Have you seen one? For cheap?

"I know, I want a recount! I'll bet Peri's from Florida, that would explain everything..."


3 votes against

Castaways voting against the Monk

1 vote against

Castaways voting against Bernice

1 vote against

Castaways voting against the Rani

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