WHOvivor Tribal Council 8

by Shannon Patrick Sullivan

One by one, the WHOvivors approach the Voting Booth of Rassilon.

"Liz has not done a thing since the tribes merged," says Leela. "That is why I vote for her expulsion."

"Well, the reverse alphabet strategy has spoken," shrugs Ben, casting his vote for Susan.

"Davros has run over my extremities in the middle of the night for the last night," declares Peri.

When all the ballots are cast, Jeff announces "I'll go tally the votes." He leaves and returns momentarily with the ornate cask into which they all deposited their choices.

"First vote... Liz.

"Second vote... Susan.

"Third vote... Liz.

"Fourth vote... Davros.

"Fifth vote... Ben. That's two votes for Liz and one each for Ben, Davros and Susan.

"Sixth vote... Davros.

"Seventh vote... Susan.

"Eighth vote... Ben. That's two for each of Ben, Davros, Liz and Susan.

"Ninth vote... Davros. Davros, bring me your torch."

Jeff snuffs out Davros's torch. "The tribe has spoken. It's time to go."

"But the Alliance!" cries the Monk. "It wasn't supposed to work this w-- Oh, did I say that out loud?"

"Be quiet, Homersexual," sneers Davros as he glides onto the transmat platform and vanishes.

Davros's Final Words

"This is but a minor setback in my quest to rule the world. The galaxy. The universe! And when I do, I will return and reduce each and every one of my fellow 'WHOvivors' to a charred pile of rubble. They will pay for this! I am Davros! I am supreme! I...

"I need a hug."


3 votes against

Castaways voting against Adric

2 votes against

Castaways voting against Ben

2 votes against

Castaways voting against Liz

2 votes against

Castaways voting against Susan

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