The Eighth Doctor (1996)
TV Movie 
(1996) TV Movie (1996): Out Of The Ashes
First appearance of Grace. Telefilm co-produced with American concerns which could have led to an ongoing series.

TV Movie (1996): Out Of The Ashes

The Doctor
The Eighth Doctor

Paul McGann played the Doctor in Doctor Who (1996) in May 1996.

Companions and Recurring Characters

Grace Holloway was a cardiologist in 1999 San Francisco who inadvertently caused the Doctor to regenerate into his eighth incarnation.

Daphne Ashbrook played Grace in Doctor Who (1996) in May 1996.

Grace Holloway

The Production Team

A completely new production team was needed for Doctor Who's 1996 return as a two-hour TV movie. The telefilm had three executive producers: Philip David Segal was the man largely responsible for Doctor Who's return, while Jo Wright and Alex Beaton represented the two co-production partners in the project -- the BBC and Universal Pictures, respectively. The day-to-day production duties were handled by Peter V Ware.

The Story
Doctor Who 
Doctor Who (1996) by Matthew Jacobs, directed by Geoffrey Sax
The Master forces the TARDIS to crashland on the day before New Year's Eve 1999 in San Francisco, where the Doctor is shot by gang members and regenerates. The Master possesses the body of an ambulance attendant and deludes teenager Chang Lee into helping him open the Eye of Harmony in the TARDIS. This will allow the Master to seize the Doctor's body for his own. But it also causes the molecular structure of the Earth to start decaying, thrusting the new Doctor and cardiologist Dr Grace Holloway into a race against time to save the world. (Also known as Enemy Within.)
The Seventh Doctor dies on the operating table and regenerates into his eighth incarnation, who is assisted by Grace Holloway.

Making History

Philip Segal had been trying, on and off, since 1989 to acquire the rights to make Doctor Who. Finally, in 1995, he forged a partnership between the BBC and Universal Pictures to make a two-hour Doctor Who movie for broadcast on both BBC1 and the FOX network. This movie would serve as a “backdoor pilot”, possibly giving rise to a new ongoing series should ratings warrant it. Unfortunately, although Doctor Who (1996) was successful in the United Kingdom, it was a disappointment in North America, where it was broadcast during the fierce May “sweeps” ratings period. FOX passed on Doctor Who and although Universal maintained their option until the end of 1997, they were unsuccessful in interesting other parties in the programme. Doctor Who then lay fallow as a television property for several years until, one September morning in 2003, the seeds were sown for its rebirth...