The Ninth Doctor (2005)
Season Twenty-Seven 
(2005) Season Twenty-Seven (2005): The Trip Of A Lifetime
First appearances of Rose, Adam, Jack, Mickey, Jackie, Pete, Harriet Jones, Cassandra, and the Slitheen.

Season Twenty-Seven (2005): The Trip Of A Lifetime

The Doctor
The Ninth Doctor

Christopher Eccleston played the Doctor from Rose in March 2005 to The Parting Of The Ways in June 2005.

Companions and Recurring Characters

Rose Tyler was a teenaged department store worker in 2005 London who helped the Doctor stop an invasion by the Nestene Consciousness.

Billie Piper played Rose from the eponymous Rose in March 2005 to Doomsday in July 2006. She returned for Partners In Crime in April 2008, The Poison Sky in May 2008, from Midnight in June 2008 to Journey's End in July 2008, and in The End Of Time in January 2010.

Rose Tyler

Mickey Smith was Rose Tyler's boyfriend before she decided to travel with the Doctor. After reluctantly assisting the Doctor and Rose on several occasions, Mickey finally accepted their invitation to join them aboard the TARDIS.

Noel Clarke played Mickey on a recurring basis from Rose in March 2005 to Doomsday in July 2006, and returned in Journey's End in July 2008 and The End Of Time in January 2010.

Mickey Smith

Mother to Rose, Jackie Tyler was suspicious of the Doctor's role in her daughter's life, until she finally came to understand how travelling in the TARDIS had changed Rose's life for the better.

Camille Coduri played Jackie on a recurring basis from Rose in March 2005 to Doomsday in July 2006, and returned in Journey's End in July 2008 and The End Of Time in January 2010.

Jackie Tyler

Adam Mitchell was a young computer genius employed by Henry van Statten's Geocomtex corporation when a Dalek was unleashed upon its Utah facility.

Bruno Langley played Adam from Dalek in April 2005 to The Long Game in May 2005.

Adam Mitchell

The man who called himself Captain Jack Harkness was a Time Agent turned con artist who met the Doctor in London during the Blitz. After leaving the Doctor, a now-immortal Jack became the leader of the Cardiff branch of the alien-fighting Torchwood Institute.

John Barrowman played Jack from The Empty Child in May 2005 to The Parting Of The Ways in June 2005, from Utopia in June 2007 to Last Of The Time Lords in June 2007, in The Stolen Earth / Journey's End in June/July 2008, and in The End Of Time in January 2010.

Jack Harkness

The Production Team

The style of the production team evolved considerably between the end of the original series and the start of the new. The twin authorities of the producer and script editor was replaced with a triumvirate of executive producers overseeing affairs, and a producer handling the day-to-day concerns. Russell T Davies was the chief visionary of the new series, taking on the mantle of executive producer in addition to writing many of the scripts. He was joined in this capacity by BBC Controller of Continuing Drama Series Mal Young and BBC Wales Head of Drama Julie Gardner. The series' new producer was Phil Collinson.

The Stories
Rose by Russell T Davies, directed by Keith Boak
Rose Tyler's life is turned upside-down when she encounters murderous living mannequins in the basement of the department store where she works. She is saved by a mysterious man who calls himself "the Doctor". With the reluctant help of her boyfriend, Mickey, Rose delves deeper into the mystery of the Doctor, and in the process uncovers a threat to the entire world: the Nestene Consciousness has returned and once again seeks to dominate the Earth.
Rose joins the Doctor in his travels.
The End Of The World
The End Of The World by Russell T Davies, directed by Euros Lyn
The Doctor and Rose arrive on Platform One in the year Five Billion, where some of the richest beings in the universe have gathered to watch the destruction of the Earth as its Sun erupts into a red giant. But one of the attendees is planning on profiting from the event, and has unleashed an army of robotic spiders to take control of the space station. Is the mastermind Jabe, the serene Tree? Cassandra, the last pure human in existence? The diminutive Moxx of Balhoon? Or the imposing Face of Boe? And whoever it is, can the Doctor stop them before Platform One perishes along with the Earth?
The Unquiet Dead
The Unquiet Dead by Mark Gatiss, directed by Euros Lyn
The TARDIS materialises in Cardiff on Christmas Eve 1869. A reading by esteemed author Charles Dickens is interrupted by a walking corpse, from which issues an eerie gaseous phantom. Intervening, the Doctor and Rose -- together with a skeptical Dickens -- trace the supernatural occurrence back to the premises of undertaker Gabriel Sneed. During their investigation, Rose befriends Sneed's maid, Gwyneth, who is gifted with the “second sight”. And Gwyneth alone may be the key to unlocking the terrible secret of the mortuary.

Aliens Of London / World War Three
Aliens Of London / World War Three by Russell T Davies, directed by Keith Boak
The Doctor tries to bring Rose home to see her mother, only to have the TARDIS inadvertently arrive a year late. As Rose tries to deal with a panic-stricken Jackie and a wary Mickey, a spaceship crashlands in the heart of London. But lowly MP Harriet Jones discovers that the incident is just a diversion concocted by the alien Slitheen, who have already infiltrated 10 Downing Street itself.
Dalek by Robert Shearman, directed by Joe Ahearne
In the year 2012, the foremost collector of alien artefacts is the wealthy Henry van Statten. The TARDIS is drawn to his underground museum by a distress call from van Statten's latest acquisition... which, to the Doctor's horror, turns out to be a Dalek. The creature is badly damaged and initially powerless, until it is inadvertently freed by Rose and Adam Mitchell, one of van Statten's brilliant young researchers. As the Dalek rampages through van Statten's compound, Rose finds herself developing an eerie connection with the murderous creature.
The Doctor and Rose invite Adam aboard the TARDIS.
The Long Game
The Long Game by Russell T Davies, directed by Brian Grant
The Doctor, Rose and Adam find themselves on Satellite 5 in the year 200,000, when Earth is meant to be at the forefront of a mighty galactic empire. But something has gone wrong: humanity's development has stalled, and the Doctor suspects that it has something to do with the media transmissions bombarding the populace, emanating from the space station. It soon becomes clear that the answer lies on the mysterious Floor 500, abode of the sinister Editor. The Doctor and Rose investigate, while Adam risks everything by immersing himself in the culture of the far future.
The Doctor returns Adam to his home in 2012 England.
Father's Day
Father's Day by Paul Cornell, directed by Joe Ahearne
The Doctor takes Rose back to the 7th of November 1987, the day her father Pete was killed in a hit-and-run accident. Rose intends to merely comfort the dying man, but on the spur of the moment decides to save Pete's life instead. Her well-intentioned interference in time summons forth the Reapers, flying monsters who begin to consume the planet -- and it also has a catastrophic effect on the TARDIS.
The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances
The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances by Steven Moffat, directed by James Hawes
The Doctor and Rose pursue a mysterious object in the time vortex to 1941 London, in the middle of the Blitz. The Doctor discovers that the city is being haunted by an eerie child, his face covered by a gas mask. Rose, meanwhile, is saved from certain death during an air raid by Captain Jack Harkness -- who, like the TARDIS crew, is a man from another time and place.
The Doctor rescues Captain Jack from certain death aboard his spaceship.
Boom Town
Boom Town by Russell T Davies, directed by Joe Ahearne
A surviving Slitheen, masquerading as the mayor of Cardiff, plans to construct a nuclear reactor in order to tap into the power of the time rift running through the heart of the city. The Doctor, Rose and Jack set out to stop her and turn her over to the law on Raxacoricofallapatorius. But the Doctor is confronted with a difficult choice when it is revealed that the Slitheen faces a death sentence on her homeworld.
Bad Wolf / The Parting Of The Ways
Bad Wolf / The Parting Of The Ways by Russell T Davies, directed by Joe Ahearne
The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack are transmatted out of the TARDIS and onto the Game Station in the far future. There they must compete in a variety of reality and quiz shows based on twentieth-century television... only this time, they're playing for their lives. But the Doctor discovers that the Game Station is concealing an even more sinister threat -- one that lies in wait in the darkness at the edge of the solar system.
The Doctor regenerates into his tenth incarnation after absorbing the energies of the time vortex to save Rose's life. In the confusion of the regeneration, Jack is left behind on the Game Station.

Making History

In the wee hours of the morning of September 26th, 2003, it was announced that, more than 15 years after the cancellation of the original series, Doctor Who would return in 2005. Now under the control of Russell T Davies, a lifelong fan who had risen to prominence in British television, the new Doctor Who series would pick up where the original (and the 1996 TV movie) had left off, but would strive to appeal to a new, modern audience as well.

On March 29th, 2005, in the face of outstanding audience figures for Rose, the first new Doctor Who episode, BBC Head of Drama Jane Tranter commissioned a 60-minute Christmas special, The Christmas Invasion, and a new 13-part season. However, it was revealed shortly thereafter that Christopher Eccleston had decided to bow out of Doctor Who after just one year. Nonetheless, the new series proved to be a monumental critical and popular success, and on June 15th it was revealed that Doctor Who had already been renewed for a second Christmas special and a third season. Despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Doctor Who was back, and as strong as it had even been.