The Doctor Who Production Diary: May 14th

1965 Recording for The Chase takes place in Riverside Studio 1; Peter Purves, playing Morton Dill, makes a good impression on the cast and crew and is offered the role of new companion Michael Taylor The Chase
1966 Debut broadcast of The Gunfighters episode three, Johnny Ringo, on BBC1 The Gunfighters
1971 Katy Manning is contracted for at least twenty episodes of Season Nine Jo
1971 Brian Hayles is commissioned to write The Curse Of Peladon The Curse Of Peladon
1988 Location filming for The Greatest Show In The Galaxy takes place in Warmwell, Dorset The Greatest Show In The
1989 Location filming for Battlefield takes place in the Twyford Woods, Lincolnshire and Ketton, Lincolnshire Battlefield
1996 Doctor Who (1996) is broadcast on Fox for the first time Doctor Who (1996)
2005 Debut broadcast of Father's Day on BBC1 Father's Day
2009 Location filming for The End Of Time takes place in London The End Of Time
2011 Debut broadcast of The Doctor's Wife on BBC1 and BBC1 HD The Doctor's Wife