The Doctor Who Production Diary: May 13th

1958 Frances Barber (Madame Kovarian) is born Madame Kovarian
1963 Sydney Newman's unhappiness with the development of Doctor Who leads to the start of production on an initial four-part story being postponed by four weeks, from July 5th to August 2nd; it will later be delayed further, to September 27th The First Doctor
1965 Donald Cotton is commissioned to write the first two episodes of The Myth Makers The Myth Makers
1966 Recording for The Savages takes place in Riverside Studios 1 The Savages
1967 Debut broadcast of The Faceless Ones episode six on BBC1 The Faceless Ones
1967 Recording for The Evil Of The Daleks takes place in Lime Grove Studio D The Evil Of The Daleks
1972 Debut broadcast of The Mutants episode six on BBC1 The Mutants
1975 A storyline called “The Beasts Of Manzic” by Robin Smyth is rejected The Fourth Doctor
1975 Terrance Dicks' “The Haunting” is abandoned, although Dicks would later reuse elements in State Of Decay The Fourth Doctor
1989 Location filming for Battlefield takes place in Twyford Woods, Lincolnshire Battlefield
2006 Debut broadcast of Rise Of The Cybermen on BBC1 Rise Of The Cybermen / The Age Of Steel
2009 Recording for The End Of Time takes place at Upper Boat Studios The End Of Time
2017 Debut broadcast of Oxygen on BBC1 and BBC1 HD Oxygen