Torchwood Episode 13:
End Of Days


Owen's manipulation of the Rift has perverted time across the globe, and both past and future are impinging upon the present. Bubonic plague threatens Cardiff, mighty spaceships hang in the sky, and the dead come back to haunt the Torchwood team. Gwen realises that the enigmatic Bilis Manger is the key to these events -- but is he a friend or an enemy? And what sort of being dwells in the darkness beyond the Rift?


From the beginning of development on the first Torchwood season, executive producer Russell T Davies knew that the opening of the Rift would feature prominently in the year's final episode. It was left to head writer Chris Chibnall to flesh this foundation out into a full script, originally known as End Of Days and then “Apocalypse” before it reverted to its original title.

Initially, Rhys did not survive the episode. Subsequently, however, Davies asked that this element be changed -- a modification Chibnall was happy to make he'd developed a fondness for the character. Chibnall originally envisaged Gwen taking Rhys to a hotel in her attempt to save him (with Rhys later returning to their apartment because he had forgotten to bring a change of underwear, whereupon he was stabbed by Bilis). Davies and executive producer Julie Gardner suggested simplifying the narrative by simply having Gwen bring Rhys to the Hub.

End Of Days was also responsible for writing Jack back into Doctor Who, for his appearances there late in its 2007 season. The episode was filmed together with Captain Jack Harkness by director Ashley Way. Its broadcast on New Year's Day 2007 brought the first season Torchwood to a close.

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Original Transmission
Date 1st Jan 2007
Time 10.18pm
Duration 46'41"
Viewers (more) 1.2m
· BBC3 1.2m
· BBC2 2.1m
(4th Jan 2007)
Appreciation 86%

Captain Jack Harkness
John Barrowman
Gwen Cooper
Eve Myles
Owen Harper
Burn Gorman
Toshiko Sato
Naoko Mori
Ianto Jones
Gareth David-Lloyd
Rhys Williams
Kai Owen
Murray Melvin
PC Andy
Tom Price
Caroline Chikezie
Louise Delamere
Matthew Gravelle
Toshiko's Mother
Noriko Aida
Roman Soldier
Jamie Belton
Carrie Gracie
Paul Kasey
Religious Woman
Rhian Wyn Jones

Written by
Chris Chibnall
Directed by
Ashley Way
Produced by
Richard Stokes

Created by
Russell T Davies
Chris Chibnall
1st Assistant Director
Nick Rae
2nd Assistant Director
Lynsey Muir
3rd Assistant Director
Paul Bennett
Glen Coxon
Llwyarch Davies
Joney Lyons
Location Manager
Paul Davies
Unit Manager
Geraint Havard Jones
Production Co-ordinator
Carmelina Palumbo
Production Secretaries
Margarita Felices
Kristy Jones
Script Secretaries
Claire Thomas
Helen Pugsley
Accounts Assistants
Charlotte Cole
Kath Blackman
Susannah Binding
Script Editor
Brian Minchin
Camera Operator
Jenny Budd
Focus Puller
Alwyn Hughes
Camera Assistant
Steve Davies
Dai Hopkins
Boom Operator
Kevin Staples
Mickey Reeves
Best Boy
Llyr Evans
Chief Supervising Art Dir
Stephen Nicholas
Supervising Art Director
Keith Dunne
Julie Signy
Art Dept Prod Manager
Jonathan Allison
Art Dept Ops Manager
Adrian Anscombe
Art Dept Co-ordinator
Matthew North
Standby Art Director
Alison Brown
Standby Props
Andy Harris
Standby Carpenter
Will Pope
Standby Rigger
Keith Freeman
Standby Painter
Julia Challis
Property Master
Stuart Wooddisse
Props Buyers
Phil Clarke
Holly Handel
Props Chargehand
Dewi Thomas
Fabrication Manager
Barry Jones
Specialist Prop Maker
Mark Cordory
Props Makers
Penny Howarth
Nick Robatto
Construction Manager
Matthew Hywel-Davies
Construction Chargehand
Scott Fisher
BBC Wales Graphic Design
Costume Supervisor
Bobby Peach
Costume Assistants
Charlotte Mitchell
Sara Morgan
Make-Up Supervisor
Claire Pritchard
Make-Up Artists
Sarah Astley-Hughes
Hayley Watkins
Elin Rhiannon
Casting Associates
Andy Brierley
Kirsty Robertson
Assistant Editor
Matt Mullins
Post Prod Supervisors
Helen Vallis
Chris Blatchford
Post Prod Co-ordinator
Marie Brown
On-Line Editors
Jon Everett
Mark Bright
Mick Vincent
3D Artists
Nicolas Hernandez
Jean-Claude Deguara
Neil Roche
Jean-Yves Audouard
Andy Guest
2D Artists
Sara Bennett
Joe Courtis
Russell Horth
Dubbing Mixer
Peter Jeffreys
Sound Supervisor
Doug Sinclair
Sound Editor
Paul McFadden
Sound FX Editor
Howard Eaves
Senior Prod Accountant
Endaf Emyr Williams
Casting Director
Andy Pryor CDG
Production Accountant
Ceri Tothill
Sound Recordist
Dave Baumber
Costume Designer
Ray Holman
Make-Up Designer
Marie Doris
Murray Gold
Ben Foster
Visual Effects
The Mill
Visual FX Producers
Will Cohen
Marie Jones
Visual FX Supervisor
Dave Houghton
On Set Vis FX Supervisor
Barney Curnow
Special Effects
Any Effects
Neill Gorton
Rob Mayor &
Millennium Effects
Production Manager
Kaela Langan
Elen Pierce Lewis
Production Designer
Edward Thomas
Director of Photography
Ray Orton
Associate Producer
Terry Reeve
Production Executive
Julie Scott
Assistant Producer
Sophie Fante
Executive Producers
Russell T Davies
Julie Gardner

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