The Doctor Who Production Diary: May 3rd

1968 Recording for The Wheel In Space takes place in Riverside Studio 1 The Wheel In Space
1968 Location filming for The Dominators takes place at Gerrards Cross Quarry in Buckinghamshire The Dominators
1969 Debut broadcast of The War Games episode three on BBC1 The War Games
1973 Elisabeth Sladen is contracted to play new companion Sarah Jane Smith for Season Eleven Sarah Jane
1975 Debut broadcast of Revenge Of The Cybermen episode three on BBC1 Revenge Of The Cybermen
1976 Location filming for The Masque Of Mandragora takes place in Portmeirion, Wales The Masque Of Mandragora
1978 Location filming for The Pirate Planet takes place in Daren-Felen, Wales The Pirate Planet
1979 Location filming for City Of Death takes place in Paris, France City Of Death
1982 Location filming for Arc Of Infinity takes place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Arc Of Infinity
1987 Recording for Time And The Rani takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 1 Time And The Rani
2004 Anthony Ainley (the Master) dies The
2008 Debut broadcast of The Poison Sky on BBC1 The Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky
2008 Recording for The Next Doctor takes place at Upper Boat Studios The Next Doctor
2012 Location filming for The Power Of Three takes place in Caerphilly, Wales The Power Of Three
2013 Location filming for The Day Of The Doctor takes place in Pontypool, Wales The Day Of The Doctor