The Doctor Who Production Diary: May 5th

1957 Richard Grant Esterhuysen (aka Richard E Grant, who played Doctor Simeon) is born Doctor Simeon
1973 Debut broadcast of Planet Of The Daleks episode five on BBC1 Planet Of The Daleks
1974 Location filming for Robot takes place in Wood Norton, Hereford and Worcester Robot
1976 Location filming for The Masque Of Mandragora takes place in Portmeirion, Wales The Masque Of Mandragora
1977 Filming for Horror Of Fang Rock takes place at the Ealing Television Film Studios Horror Of Fang Rock
1978 Location filming for The Pirate Planet takes place in Daren-Felen, Wales The Pirate Planet
1981 Location filming for The Visitation takes place in Fulmer, Buckinghamshire The Visitation
1982 Location filming for Arc Of Infinity takes place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Arc Of Infinity
1987 Recording for Time And The Rani takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 1 Time And The Rani
1995 Matthew Jacobs joins the Doctor Who telefilm as its new writer, and begins working on the storyline which will become Doctor Who (1996) Doctor Who (1996)
2007 Debut broadcast of The Lazarus Experiment on BBC1 The Lazarus Experiment
2009 Recording for The End Of Time takes place at Upper Boat Studios The End Of Time
2012 Location filming for The Power Of Three takes place in Caerleon, Wales The Power Of Three