The Doctor Who Production Diary: July 26th

1976 Location filming for The Deadly Assassin takes place in Betchworth, Surrey The Deadly Assassin
1978 Location filming for The Androids Of Tara takes place in Leeds, Kent The Androids Of Tara
1985 Jack Trevor Story is commissioned to write “The Second Coming”, which will be linked to David Halliwell's “Attack From The Mind” The Sixth Doctor
1988 Recording for The Happiness Patrol takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 3 The Happiness Patrol
2004 Location filming for Rose takes place in London Rose
2004 Location filming for Aliens Of London / World War Three takes place in London Aliens Of London / World War Three
2005 Location filming for The Christmas Invasion takes place in London The Christmas Invasion
2006 Recording for The Runaway Bride takes place at Upper Boat Studios, while location filming takes place in Cardiff, Wales The Runaway Bride
2007 Location filming for Voyage Of The Damned takes place in Pontypool, Wales Voyage Of The Damned
2010 Recording for A Christmas Carol takes place at Upper Boat Studios A Christmas Carol
2012 Mary Tamm (Romana) dies The First Romana
2012 Location filming for The Crimson Horror takes place in Tonyrefail, Wales The Crimson Horror