The Doctor Who Production Diary: July 25th

1907 Cyril Luckham (the White Guardian) is born The
White Guardian
1964 Debut broadcast of The Sensorites episode five, Kidnap, on BBC1 The Sensorites
1967 David Whitaker is commissioned to write The Enemy Of The World The Enemy Of The World
1975 Location filming for The Android Invasion takes place in East Hagbourne, Oxfordshire The Android Invasion
1978 Location filming for The Androids Of Tara takes place in Leeds, Kent The Androids Of Tara
1980 Location filming for Full Circle takes place in Fulmer, Buckinghamshire Full Circle
2004 Location filming for Aliens Of London / World War Three takes place in London Aliens Of London / World War Three
2005 Location filming for The Christmas Invasion takes place in London The Christmas Invasion
2006 Location filming for The Runaway Bride takes place in Cardiff, Wales The Runaway Bride
2007 Location filming for Voyage Of The Damned takes place in Pontypool, Wales Voyage Of The Damned
2009 Location filming for The Time Of Angels / Flesh And Stone takes place in Coleford, Gloucestershire The Time Of Angels / Flesh And Stone
2012 Recording for The Crimson Horror takes place at BBC Roath Lock The Crimson Horror