The Doctor Who Production Diary: August 4th

1971 Bob Baker and Dave Martin are commissioned to write the second episode of The Mutants The Mutants
1977 Location filming for Image Of The Fendahl takes place in East End, Hampshire Image Of The Fendahl
1983 Recording for The Awakening takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 6 The Awakening
2004 The BBC announces that John Barrowman has been cast in Doctor Who, with his role later revealed to be Captain Jack Harkness Jack Harkness
2004 The BBC announces that a last-minute deal has been reached with the estate of Terry Nation for the use of the Daleks in the revived Doctor Who series The Ninth Doctor
2004 Recording for Rose takes place at Unit Q2 Rose
2004 Location filming for Aliens Of London / World War Three takes place in Hensol, Wales Aliens Of London / World War Three
2005 Recording for The Christmas Invasion takes place at HTV Wales Studios in Culverhouse Cross, Wales The Christmas Invasion
2009 Location filming for The Time Of Angels / Flesh And Stone takes place in Coleford, Gloucestershire The Time Of Angels / Flesh And Stone
2010 Location filming for A Christmas Carol takes place in Pontypool, Wales A Christmas Carol
2013 During a special broadcast entitled Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor on BBC1, the BBC announces that Peter Capaldi has been cast as the Twelfth Doctor The Twelfth Doctor