The Doctor Who Production Diary: December 10th

1965 Recording for The Daleks' Master Plan takes place at BBC Television Centre Studio 3 The Daleks' Master Plan
1966 Debut broadcast of The Power Of The Daleks episode six on BBC1 The Power Of The Daleks
1966 Recording for The Highlanders takes place in Riverside Studio 1 The Highlanders
1977 Debut broadcast of The Sun Makers episode three on BBC1 The Sun Makers
1979 Although Graham Williams has been exploring the possibility of rescheduling the five cancelled studio days for Shada, it is officially decided that transmission of Season Seventeen will cease following the broadcast of The Horns Of Nimon episode four Shada
2004 Recording for The Long Game takes place at Unit Q2 The Long Game
2005 Location filming for Army Of Ghosts / Doomsday takes place in Cardiff, Wales Army Of Ghosts / Doomsday
2007 Recording for Midnight takes place at Upper Boat Studios Midnight
2009 Location filming for The Vampires Of Venice takes place in Trogir, Croatia The Vampires Of Venice
2009 Location filming for Vincent And The Doctor takes place in Trogir, Crotia Vincent And The Doctor
2010 Location filming for The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People takes place in Neath, Wales The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People