The Doctor Who Production Diary: December 9th

1967 Debut broadcast of The Ice Warriors episode five on BBC1 The Ice Warriors
1967 Recording for The Enemy Of The World takes place at Lime Grove Studio D The Enemy Of The World
1977 Robert Holmes is commissioned to write The Ribos Operation The Ribos Operation
1977 Location filming for The Invasion Of Time takes place in Redhill, Surrey The Invasion Of Time
1978 Debut broadcast of The Androids Of Tara episode three on BBC1 The Androids Of Tara
1980 Christopher H Bidmead conveys a storyline entitled “Romanoids” by Geoff Lowe, submitted the previous summer, to John Nathan-Turner The Fourth Doctor
1982 Although he has not signed a contract, Tom Baker indicates that he is agreeable to appearing in The Five Doctors The Fourth Doctor
2004 Recording for The Long Game takes place at the Old British Telecom building in Cardiff, Wales The Long Game
2005 Recording for Army Of Ghosts / Doomsday takes place at Unit Q2 Army Of Ghosts / Doomsday
2006 Recording for Human Nature / The Family Of Blood takes place at Upper Boat Studios Human Nature / The Family Of Blood
2006 Location filming for Blink takes place in Caerphilly, Wales Blink
2009 Location filming for The Vampires Of Venice takes place in Trogir, Croatia The Vampires Of Venice
2009 Location filming for Vincent And The Doctor takes place in Trogir, Crotia Vincent And The Doctor
2010 Location filming for The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People takes place in Neath, Wales The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People
2012 Location filming for The Bells Of Saint John takes place in Tokyo, Japan The Bells Of Saint John