The Doctor Who Production Diary: April 7th

1970 Filming for Inferno takes place at the Ealing Television Film Studios Inferno
1972 Location filming for The Time Monster takes place in Stratfield Saye, Hampshire and Hartley Witney, Hampshire The Time Monster
1973 Debut broadcast of Planet Of The Daleks episode one on BBC1 Planet Of The Daleks
1975 Recording for Terror Of The Zygons takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 3 Terror Of The Zygons
1987 Location filming for Time And The Rani takes place in Cloford, Somerset Time And The Rani
1988 Location filming for Remembrance Of The Daleks takes place in Brentford, Middlesex Remembrance Of The Daleks
1989 Location filming for The Curse Of Fenric takes place in Crowborough, East Sussex The Curse Of Fenric
2007 Debut broadcast of The Shakespeare Code on BBC1 The Shakespeare Code
2008 Location filming for The Next Doctor takes place in Rhoose, Wales The Next Doctor
2009 Location filming for The End Of Time takes place in Cardiff, Wales The End Of Time
2011 Recording for Let's Kill Hitler takes place at Upper Boat Studios, while location filming takes place in Park, Wales and Hensol, Wales Let's Kill Hitler
2011 Location filming for Closing Time takes place in Hensol, Wales Closing Time
2011 Location filming for The Wedding Of River Song takes place in Hensol, Wales The Wedding Of River Song
2012 Location filming for Asylum Of The Daleks takes place in Bristol Asylum Of The Daleks
2012 Location filming for The Angels Take Manhattan takes place in Bristol The Angels Take Manhattan