The Doctor Who Production Diary: May 16th

1963 By now, a new version of the Doctor Who format guide refines the programme even further; the opening story is intended to be “The Giants” The First Doctor
1964 Debut broadcast of The Keys Of Marinus episode six, The Keys Of Marinus, on BBC1 The Keys Of Marinus
1967 Filming for The Evil Of The Daleks takes place at the Ealing Television Film Studios The Evil Of The Daleks
1970 Debut broadcast of Inferno episode two on BBC1 Inferno
1975 Brian Hayles submits a storyline entitled “The Eyes Of Nemesis” The Fourth Doctor
1980 Recording for State Of Decay takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 3 State Of Decay
1988 Location filming for The Greatest Show In The Galaxy takes place in Warmwell, Dorset The Greatest Show In The