The Doctor Who Production Diary: August 25th

1964 Location filming for The Dalek Invasion Of Earth takes place in London The Dalek Invasion Of Earth
1975 Recording for The Android Invasion takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 8 The Android Invasion
1977 Anthony Read receives permission to write The Invasion Of Time, from a storyline he developed with Graham Williams; it will be credited to the pseudonymous “David Agnew” The Invasion Of Time
1981 In response to John Nathan-Turner's memo of July 21st, BBC1 Controller Alan Hart suggests that Doctor Who's twentieth anniversary be commemmorated with a celebratory special The Five Doctors
1982 Location filming for Mawdryn Undead takes place in London Mawdryn Undead
1983 Recording for Frontios takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 6 Frontios
2004 Location filming for Rose takes place in Cardiff, Wales Rose
2005 Location filming for School Reunion takes place in Newport, Wales School Reunion
2006 Location filming for Smith And Jones takes place in Pontypridd, Wales Smith And Jones
2006 Recording for The Shakespeare Code takes place at Upper Boat Studios The Shakespeare Code
2009 Location filming for Victory Of The Daleks takes place in Swansea, Wales Victory Of The Daleks