The Doctor Who Production Diary: October 1st

1965 Recording for The Myth Makers takes place at Riverside Studio 1 The Myth Makers
1965 Filming for The Daleks' Master Plan takes place at the Ealing Television Film Studios The Daleks' Master Plan
1966 Debut broadcast of The Smugglers episode four on BBC1 The Smugglers
1966 Recording for The Tenth Planet takes place in Riverside Studio 1; William Hartnell is absent due to illness The Tenth Planet
1971 Bob Baker and Dave Martin are commissioned to write the final three episodes of The Mutants The Mutants
1974 Location filming for The Sontaran Experiment takes place in Manaton, Devon The Sontaran Experiment
1977 Debut broadcast of The Invisible Enemy episode one on BBC1 The Invisible Enemy
1981 Anthony Ainley is contracted for Time-Flight The
1981 Recording for Castrovalva takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 6 Castrovalva
2004 Location filming for The Unquiet Dead takes place in Penarth, Wales The Unquiet Dead
2005 Location filming for Tooth And Claw takes place in Llansannor, Wales Tooth And Claw
2007 Location filming for The Fires Of Pompeii takes place in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales The Fires Of Pompeii
2009 Location filming for The Eleventh Hour takes place in Abertillery, Wales The Eleventh Hour
2010 Recording for The Doctor's Wife takes place at Upper Boat Studios The Doctor's Wife
2010 Recording for Night Terrors takes place at Upper Boat Studios Night Terrors
2011 Debut broadcast of The Wedding Of River Song on BBC1 and BBC1 HD The Wedding Of River Song
2013 Recording for The Time Of The Doctor takes place at BBC Roath Lock The Time Of The Doctor