The Doctor Who Production Diary: March 26th

1963 On the instructions of new BBC Head of Drama Sydney Newman, Head of Serials Donald Wilson convenes a meeting to begin development of a science-fiction series to fill a perceived hole in the BBC's Saturday evening programming The First Doctor
1964 David Whitaker is forced to defend part three of The Keys Of Marinus against charges of plagiarism levied by Robert Gould, who had written an unused storyline for the series The Keys Of Marinus
1965 Recording for The Crusade takes place at Riverside Studio 1 The Crusade
1966 Debut broadcast of The Ark episode four, The Bomb, on BBC1 The Ark
1969 Location filming for The War Games takes place in Brighton, East Sussex The War Games
1975 Location filming for Terror Of The Zygons takes place in London Terror Of The Zygons
1977 Debut broadcast of The Talons Of Weng-Chiang episode five on BBC1 The Talons Of Weng-Chiang
2005 Debut broadcast of Rose on BBC1; Doctor Who reverts to 45-minute episodes on Saturdays Rose
2006 Location filming for Love & Monsters takes place in Cardiff, Wales Love & Monsters
2008 Location filming for The Stolen Earth / Journey's End takes place in Penarth, Wales The Stolen Earth / Journey's End
2013 Recording for The Name Of The Doctor takes place at BBC Roath Lock The Name Of The Doctor