The Doctor Who Production Diary: May 25th

1966 Filming for The War Machines takes place on the backlot of the Ealing Television Film Studios The War Machines
1968 Debut broadcast of The Wheel In Space episode five on BBC1 The Wheel In Space
1971 Malcolm Hulke is commissioned to write The Sea Devils The Sea Devils
1971 Robert Sloman is commissioned to provide a storyline for “The Daleks In London” The Third Doctor
1974 Debut broadcast of Planet Of The Spiders episode four on BBC1 Planet Of The Spiders
1976 Recording for The Masque Of Mandragora takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 3 The Masque Of Mandragora
1977 Recording for Horror Of Fang Rock takes place at Pebble Mill Studios in Birmingham; as a result of a scheduling crunch at BBC Television Centre, this is the first time studio recording for Doctor Who occurs outside London Horror Of Fang Rock
2012 Location filming for Hide takes place in Wraxall, Bristol Hide