The Doctor Who Production Diary: July 12th

1968 Recording for The Mind Robber takes place in Lime Grove Studio D The Mind Robber
1973 Brian Hayles is commissioned to write The Monster Of Peladon The Monster Of Peladon
1980 Recording for Meglos takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 3 Meglos
1983 Peter Ling and Hazel Adair are commissioned to provide a storyline for “Hex” The Fifth Doctor
1989 Philip David Segal of Columbia Pictures first telephones the BBC to discuss a co-production deal for Doctor Who The Eighth Doctor
2006 Location filming for The Runaway Bride takes place in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales The Runaway Bride
2007 Recording for Voyage Of The Damned takes place at Upper Boat Studios Voyage Of The Damned
2010 Location filming for A Christmas Carol takes place in Newport, Wales A Christmas Carol