The Doctor Who Production Diary: July 21st

1967 Brian Hayles is commissioned to write The Ice Warriors The Ice Warriors
1975 Location filming for The Android Invasion takes place in Harwell, Oxfordshire The Android Invasion
1981 With Doctor Who airing during the winter for Season Nineteen, John Nathan-Turner asks Head of Series David Reid to reschedule Season Twenty to an autumn start to concide with the programme's twentieth anniversary in November 1983 The Five Doctors
1983 Location filming for The Awakening takes place in Martin, Hampshire The Awakening
1995 Michael Wisher (the first actor to portray Davros) dies Davros
2004 Location filming for Rose takes place in Cardiff, Wales Rose
2006 Location filming for The Runaway Bride takes place in Pontypool, Wales The Runaway Bride
2007 Location filming for Voyage Of The Damned takes place in Pontypool, Wales Voyage Of The Damned
2009 Location filming for The Time Of Angels / Flesh And Stone takes place in Bridgend, Wales The Time Of Angels / Flesh And Stone
2010 Location filming for A Christmas Carol takes place in Cardiff, Wales A Christmas Carol
2011 The BBC announces that Caroline Skinner will replace Piers Wenger and Beth Willis as executive producer of Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor
2017 Deborah Watling (Victoria Waterfield) dies Victoria Waterfield