The Doctor Who Production Diary: July 23rd

1965 Recording for Galaxy 4 takes place at BBC Television Centre Studio 4 Galaxy 4
1965 William Hartnell's contract is amended to reflect the extension of The Daleks' Master Plan from six to twelve episodes The First Doctor
1974 Lewis Greifer is commissioned to write Pyramids Of Mars Pyramids Of Mars
1975 Location filming for The Android Invasion takes place in Tubney, Oxfordshire The Android Invasion
1980 Location filming for Full Circle takes place in Fulmer, Buckinghamshire Full Circle
1992 Tosin Cole (Ryan Sinclair) is born Ryan Sinclair
2007 Location filming for Voyage Of The Damned takes place in Pontypool, Wales Voyage Of The Damned
2009 Location filming for The Time Of Angels / Flesh And Stone takes place in East Aberthaw, Wales The Time Of Angels / Flesh And Stone
2010 Recording for A Christmas Carol takes place at Upper Boat Studios A Christmas Carol