The Doctor Who Production Diary: August 29th

1964 Debut broadcast of The Reign Of Terror episode four, The Tyrant Of France, on BBC1 The Reign Of Terror
1965 Location filming for The Myth Makers takes place at Frensham Little Pond in Surrey The Myth Makers
1978 Recording for The Androids Of Tara takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 1 The Androids Of Tara
1980 Director Paul Joyce receives permission to substantially overhaul Warriors' Gate, although he refuses to take a writing credit Warriors' Gate
1980 Christopher H Bidmead receives staff clearance to write Logopolis; by now, he has decided to step down as Doctor Who's script editor after Season Eighteen Logopolis
1980 Terence Dudley is commissioned to provide a storyline for Four To Doomsday Four To Doomsday
1984 Philip Martin is commissioned to write “Mission To Magnus” The Sixth Doctor
2005 Location filming for School Reunion takes place in Newport, Wales School Reunion
2006 Location filming for The Shakespeare Code takes place in Warwick, Warwickshire The Shakespeare Code
2007 Location filming for Planet Of The Ood takes place in Barry, Wales Planet Of The Ood
2009 Location filming for Victory Of The Daleks takes place in Cardiff, Wales Victory Of The Daleks
2012 Recording for The Snowmen takes place at BBC Roath Lock The Snowmen
2012 Recording for The Crimson Horror takes place at BBC Roath Lock The Crimson Horror