The Doctor Who Production Diary: September 5th

1964 Debut broadcast of The Reign Of Terror episode five, A Bargain Of Necessity, on BBC1 The Reign Of Terror
1967 Location filming for The Abominable Snowmen takes place at Gwynedd, Wales The Abominable Snowmen
1968 Frazer Hines' forthcoming departure is announced to the press, although he is convinced by Patrick Troughton to stay on Doctor Who to the end of Season Six; this results in the abandonment of new companion Nik Jamie
1968 Location filming for The Invasion takes place in Kempsford, Gloucestershire The Invasion
1973 Richard Franklin is contracted for Invasion Of The Dinosaurs Captain
Mike Yates
1977 Recording for Image Of The Fendahl takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 6 Image Of The Fendahl
2005 Location filming for New Earth takes place in Cardiff, Wales New Earth
2006 Recording for The Shakespeare Code takes place at Upper Boat Studios The Shakespeare Code
2007 Location filming for Planet Of The Ood takes place in Pontypool, Wales Planet Of The Ood
2012 Filming for Cold War takes place at Halliford Film Studios in Shepperton, Middlesex Cold War
2012 Recording for Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS takes place at BBC Roath Lock Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS