New Series Episode 104:
Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS


Aware that his companion is uncomfortable around the TARDIS, the Doctor sets the Ship into a low-power mode to help Clara get accustomed to her new home. However, this inadvertently leaves the TARDIS vulnerable to an intergalactic salvage vessel, whose attempts to seize the time machine critically damage the interior. With time and space running amok inside the TARDIS, the Doctor is forced into an uneasy alliance with the salvage team in order to rescue Clara, and keep his ship's engine from exploding.


Executive producer Steven Moffat was a lifelong Doctor Who fan, but keenly remembered a time that the programme had disappointed him. This was March 1978, when the Radio Times billing for the final episode of The Invasion Of Time had promised an exploration of the interior of the TARDIS. The young Moffat had expected to be dazzled by what unfolded on screen. However, an industrial dispute had forced these scenes to be primarily filmed at a disused hospital, to underwhelming results.

Thirty-four years later and in charge of Doctor Who, Moffat wanted to remedy that missed opportunity. In shaping Season Thirty-Three, he suggested to Steve Thompson -- who had written The Curse Of The Black Pearl the previous year -- that he attempt a story which would venture into the heart of the TARDIS. Thompson held a degree in pure mathematics, and Moffat thought that this might help fuel his ideas. It was Moffat who suggested the episode title: Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS, alluding to the classic Jules Verne novel A Journey To The Centre Of The Earth (first published in 1864 as Voyage au centre de la Terre).

Thompson initially unleashed teenagers into the TARDIS who cause it to malfunction

Thompson initially thought back to his days as a teacher, and came up with a story in which the TARDIS crashed into a school trip, unleashing a gaggle of teenagers into the time machine who cause it to malfunction. Moffat disliked this idea, and so Thompson suggested replacing the students with a salvage team. This met with Moffat's approval, and Thompson completed his first draft in late June 2012.

In early versions, Clara came across a chamber containing the leftover belongings of all of the Doctor's previous companions; this was eventually simplified to the storeroom in which she finds one of the young Amy Pond's model TARDISes (from Let's Kill Hitler) and the Doctor's cot (from A Good Man Goes To War). Originally, the third van Baalen brother was named Sander rather than Tricky -- meant to be short for “Electricky” -- and was not an android, while Gregor was disfigured and had numerous metal attachments. For a time, the Van Baalens' salvage career was motivated by a severe metal famine in the area.

While Thompson was writing Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS, it was intended to be the sixth episode of Doctor Who's spring run. As such, it ended with a coda featuring Clara's charges, Angie and Artie Maitland, confronting the time travellers about their adventures and leading into episode seven, Nightmare In Silver. Subsequently, Thompson's story was moved to the fifth spot, and the epilogue was rewritten and shifted to the eventual episode six, The Crimson Horror.

Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS was made on its own as Block Seven of the production schedule, and was helmed by Mat King. King had gotten his start in television in his native Australia, working on programmes such as The Fairies. More recently, he had begun working in Britain with credits including MI High, Holby City and Law & Order: UK.

Nearly all of Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS was filmed in studio at Roath Lock

Nearly all of Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS was filmed at Doctor Who's usual Roath Lock studio home. An exception to this was the first day of recording, September 4th, when the deck of the Hornet was actually a warehouse on Celtic Way in Newport. The same day, footage of the scoop was captured at Roath Lock, and this work continued to the 5th. Corridor scenes were on the agenda for the next three days, together with those in the shaft (on the 6th), the cloisters (on the 6th and 7th) and the TARDIS console room (on the 7th and 8th). Recording in the console room continued on September 10th and 11th, with the latter day also covering material in the tunnel. On the night of the 11th, King's team enjoyed another brief location shoot, with Cardiff Castle in Cardiff posing as the TARDIS library.

The focus on September 12th and 13th was the Eye of Harmony, together with more tunnel sequences on the second day. Material in the Eye antechamber and in the Architectural Reconfiguration System was recorded on the 14th. Jenna-Louise Coleman was ill on September 17th, so the plan to record more console room scenes was abandoned in favour of effects and insert shots. Coleman returned to Roath Lock for material in the tunnel and the storeroom on the 18th, and in the engine room and console room on the 19th. The remainder of the required console room footage was captured on the 24th. Inserts followed on October 18th and November 27th. Then, on November 28th, the mostly studio-bound production ironically ended as it had begun -- on location -- with the ravine actually part of Argoes Isha Quarry near Llansannor.

The scene where Bram starts to strip down the TARDIS console room offered an opportunity to delve into the Doctor Who back catalogue -- appropriate, given that the Spring 2013 run of episodes effectively began the countdown to the programme's fiftieth anniversary in November. Sound clips could be heard of Susan and Ian from 100,000 BC, the Third Doctor and Jo from Colony In Space, the Fourth Doctor from The Robots Of Death, the Ninth Doctor from Rose, Martha from Smith And Jones, Amy from The Beast Below, and the TARDIS itself -- inhabiting the form of Idris -- from The Doctor's Wife.

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Original Transmission
Date 27th Apr 2013
Time 6.30pm
Duration 44'43"
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The Doctor
Matt Smith
Jenna-Louise Coleman
Gregor van Baalen
Ashley Walters
Bram van Baalen
Mark Oliver
Jahvel Hall
Time Zombie
Sarah Louise Madison
Ruari Mears
Paul Kasey

Written by
Stephen Thompson
Directed by
Mat King
Produced by
Marcus Wilson

Stunt Coordinators
Crispin Layfield
Gordon Seed
Stunt Performers
André Layne
Lewis Young
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