The Doctor Who Production Diary: September 10th

1966 Debut broadcast of The Smugglers episode one on BBC1 The Smugglers
1968 Location filming for The Invasion takes place in London The Invasion
1969 A photocall is held to introduce Caroline John as new companion Liz Shaw Liz
1972 Location filming for Frontier In Space takes place in London Frontier In Space
1977 Debut broadcast of Horror Of Fang Rock episode two on BBC1 Horror Of Fang Rock
1982 Johnny Byrne is commissioned to write Warriors Of The Deep Warriors Of The Deep
2004 Recording for Rose takes place at Unit Q2, while location filming takes place in Newport, Wales Rose
2005 Location filming for New Earth takes place in Cardiff, Wales New Earth
2009 Location filming for The Beast Below takes place in Neath, Wales The Beast Below
2010 Location filming for Night Terrors takes place in Cardiff, Wales Night Terrors
2011 Debut broadcast of The Girl Who Waited on BBC1 and BBC1 HD The Girl Who Waited
2012 Recording for Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS takes place at BBC Roath Lock Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS
2013 Location filming for The Time Of The Doctor takes place in Gabalfa, Wales The Time Of The Doctor