The Sarah Jane Adventures Episodes 10 & 11:
The Lost Boy


The lives of Sarah Jane and her young friends are thrown into turmoil when a news report reveals that Luke was not an artificial creation of the Bane after all, but in fact a real boy named Ashley Stafford. Soon, Sarah Jane is facing accusations of child abduction while Maria confronts the prospect of being barred from ever seeing her mentor again. She and Clyde become determined to get to the bottom of things, and together they unearth a conspiracy between an old foe and one of their closest allies.


In planning the first season of The Sarah Jane Adventures, showrunner Russell T Davies originally intended to provide one of its five stories himself, with the most likely candidate being the season finale. However, the 2008 season of Doctor Who presented Davies with a number of time-consuming challenges, drawing his attention away from the spin-off. Instead, it was agreed that Phil Ford -- who had already written Eye Of The Gorgon -- would tackle the year's climactic adventure. Ford was asked to explore the origins of Sarah Jane's supercomputer, Mr Smith, while also bringing the season full circle by reintroducing the Slitheen from the premiere serial, Revenge Of The Slitheen. At one point, Ford intended to have Clyde confronted in the void by the embodiment of Mr Smith, with the Xylok drawing on the boy's memories of the sinister, dark-suited Agent Smith from the 1999 science-fiction film The Matrix and its sequels.

Ford's story, eventually called The Lost Boy, was positioned with Warriors Of Kudlak as part of the season's third and final recording block, under director Charles Martin. Amongst the guest cast was Floella Benjamin, playing Professor Jane Rivers of the Pharos Institute (originally, the Beacon Foundation). Benjamin, who had emigrated from Trinidad as a child, was a well-known personality in children's television, having been a presenter on shows such as Play School for many years. She had also acted in programmes including Within These Walls, Angels and Bergerac; in 2001 she became an Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

Mat Irvine controlled the original K·9 prop, with John Leeson in studio to provide the voice

The first four days of filming for The Lost Boy, from July 11th to 14th, 2007, were spent at Upper Boat Studios, principally for scenes in Sarah Jane's attic. Additional material recorded at the same time included the police press conference (on the 12th), the interview room (on the 13th) and both Maria's bedroom and the void where Clyde was trapped by Mr Smith (on the 14th). For the sequences involving K·9, Mat Irvine controlled the original version of the robot dog, as he had on the introductory special Invasion Of The Bane, and John Leeson was again present in studio to provide K·9's voice.

The first location shooting for The Lost Boy took place on July 15th at Hensol Castle in Hensol, which provided the exterior of the Pharos Institute. The van used by the Slitheen was ostensibly for “Dickel & Lyons” -- an homage to production designer Tim Dickel and (uncredited) property master Phil Lyons. The 16th was spent in Penarth, first at the “Stafford” residence on Wood Street, followed by Bannerman Road material on Clinton Road.

July 18th and 19th took Martin's team to the Vittac Building, within the Tredegar Business Park in Tredegar, for sequences in the Pharos Institute's telekinesis laboratory and corridors. Then it was back to Clinton Road from the 20th to the 22nd, with work on the latter day also encompassing recording at Cardiff High School, for material in Park Vale Comprehensive (including a scene originally planned for the playground which was shifted to the canteen due to inclement weather), at the park, and in the Slitheen van. Further Wood Street sequences were completed on June 25th, followed by additional filming at Clinton Road on the 26th. This left just a few more shots on the attic set at Upper Boat, which were captured on July 2nd and 13th.

The Lost Boy part two capped off the first season of The Sarah Jane Adventures with aplomb on November 19th. The 659,000 viewers who tuned in marked an all-time high for the CBBC digital channel. A few months later, Sarah Jane and Luke appeared in The Stolen Earth / Journey's End, which concluded the 2008 season of Doctor Who. By that time, it was already known that The Sarah Jane Adventures would be returning for a second season... but there were changes in store.

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Original Transmission
Episode 1
Date 12th Nov 2007
Time 5.32pm
Duration 27'57"
Viewers (more) 465k
· CBBC 465k
· BBC1 1.3m
(19th Nov 2007)
Appreciation 84%
Episode 2
Date 19th Nov 2007
Time 5.30pm
Duration 27'56"
Viewers (more) 659k
· CBBC 659k
· BBC1 1.2m
(26th Nov 2007)

Sarah Jane Smith
Elisabeth Sladen
Maria Jackson
Yasmin Paige
Tommy Knight
Alan Jackson
Joseph Millson
Chrissie Jackson
Juliet Cowan
Mr Smith
Alexander Armstrong
Daniel Anthony
Jay Simpson
Holly Atkins
Nathan Goss
Ryan Watson
Professor Rivers
Floella Benjamin
Chief Inspector
Julian Dutton
Jay Slitheen
Paul Kasey
Nathan Slitheen
Jimmy Vee
Heidi Slitheen
Ruari Mears
Jason Mohammad
Voice of K·9
John Leeson

Written by
Phil Ford
Directed by
Charles Martin
Produced by
Matthew Bouch

Created by
Russell T Davies
1st Assistant Director
Dan Mumford
2nd Assistant Director
Anna Evans
3rd Assistant Director
Frazer Fennell-Ball
Location Manager
Jonathan Allott
Production Co-ordinator
Phillipa Cole
Nicki Coles
Script Editor
Lindsey Alford
Focus Puller
Jamie Southcott
Clive Baldwin
Boom Operator
Bradley Kendrick
Steve Slocombe
Stunt Co-ordinator
Abbi Collins
Ailsa Berk
Chief Supervising Art Director
Stephen Nicholas
Art Dept Production Manager
Jonathan Marquand Allison
Supervising Art Director
Matt North
Standby Art Director
Alexandra Merchant
Standby Props
Phill Shellard
BBC Wales Graphics
Costume Supervisor
Arabella Rhodes
Casting Associate
Andy Brierley
Assistant Editor
Tim Hodges
Post Production Supervisor
Nerys Davies
Post Production Co-ordinator
Marie Brown
Jon Everett
Sound Editor
Doug Sinclair
Dubbing Mixer
Mark Ferda
K·9 originally created by
Bob Baker and
Dave Martin
Title Music
Murray Gold
Sam Watts
Casting Director
Andy Pryor CDG
Production Executive
Julie Scott
Production Accountant
Dyfed Thomas
Sound Recordist
Brian Milliken
Costume Designer
Stewart Meachem
Make Up Designer
Emma Bailey
Visual Effects
The Mill
Special Effects
Any Effects
Millennium FX
Matthew Tabern
Production Designers
Tim Dickel
Edward Thomas
Directors of Photography
Sian Elin Palfrey
Ernie Vincze BSC
Production Manager
Debbi Slater
Executive Producers for BBC Wales
Phil Collinson
Russell T Davies
Julie Gardner

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