The Sarah Jane Adventures

Once upon a time, a young reporter named Sarah Jane Smith met a time traveller called the Doctor. In the TARDIS, Sarah witnessed wonders and horrors beyond her imagination, from the dreaded Daleks to the evil god Sutekh. But all good things must end, and eventually the Doctor was forced to return Sarah to Earth.

Twenty years later, Sarah Jane -- ever the intrepid reporter -- met the Doctor again. She was reminded that life on Earth can be as much of an adventure as a life spent travelling through time and space.

The Sarah Jane Adventures, a Doctor Who spin-off which ran from January 2007 to October 2011, chronicled the rest of her story.

Season One: New Beginnings
First appearances of Maria, Luke, Mr Smith, Clyde, Alan, Chrissie, Kelsey, Mrs Wormwood, the Bane, the Trickster and Professor Rivers.
Season Two: Family Matters
First appearances of Rani, Haresh and Gita.
Season Three: All Our Yesterdays
First appearance of Androvax the Veil.
Season Four: The Circle Game
First appearance of the Shopkeeper.
Season Five: A Life Of Adventure
First appearance of Sky.

Season One: New Beginnings

The Characters

Having been inspired to defend the Earth during her travels with the Doctor, investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith continued to seek out new adventures from her home at 13 Bannerman Road in London.

Elisabeth Sladen played Sarah Jane from Invasion Of The Bane in January 2007 to The Man Who Never Was in October 2011. She passed away in April 2011.

Sarah Jane Smith

Maria Jackson was Sarah's neighbour across the road, who uncovered the truth about 13 Bannerman Road during the Bane's attempt to invade the Earth.

Yasmin Paige played Maria from Invasion Of The Bane in January 2007 to The Day Of The Clown in October 2008. She returned in The Mark Of The Berserker in November 2008.


Luke Smith was a genetically engineered genius created by the alien Bane, who was adopted by Sarah Jane and raised as her son.

Tommy Knight played Luke from Invasion Of The Bane in January 2007 to The Nightmare Man in October 2010, and regularly from The Vault Of Secrets in October 2010 to The Man Who Never Was in October 2011. He also portrayed the character in Doctor Who in The Stolen Earth / Journey's End and The End Of Time.


Kelsey Hooper was a friend of Maria's, who assisted Sarah Jane's defeat of Mrs Wormwood and the Bane.

Porsha Lawrence-Mavour played Kelsey in Invasion Of The Bane in January 2007.


Mr Smith was an alien Xylok who operated as Sarah Jane's supercomputer, hidden within her attic chimney.

The voice of Mr Smith was provided by Alexander Armstrong from Invasion Of The Bane in January 2007 to The Man Who Never Was in October 2011. He also voiced Mr Smith in the Doctor Who adventure The Stolen Earth / Journey's End.

Mr Smith

Although he was separated from Sarah Jane for a time, dedicating his resources to closing a black hole which threatened Earth, the robot dog K·9 was finally able to rejoin his mistress and take his place at her side during her adventures.

John Leeson provided the voice of K·9 on a regular basis from Invasion Of The Bane in January 2007 to The Nightmare Man in October 2010.


Alan Jackson was Maria's father. Although initially unaware of his daughter's adventures, he eventually became another of Sarah Jane's valued allies.

Joseph Millson played Alan regularly from Invasion Of The Bane in January 2007 to The Mark Of The Berserker in November 2008.

Alan Jackson

Chrissie Jackson was Maria's mother and Alan's ex-wife.

Juliet Cowan played Chrissie regularly from Invasion Of The Bane in January 2007 to The Last Sontaran in September 2008.

Chrissie Jackson

Artist and class clown Clyde Langer became Luke's best friend and a member of Sarah Jane's trusted gang after helping to defeat the Slitheen scheme at Park Vale Comprehensive.

Daniel Anthony played Clyde from Revenge Of The Slitheen in September 2007 to The Man Who Never Was in October 2011.

Clyde Langer

The Production Team

Invasion Of The Bane was produced by Susie Liggat, and the remainder of the season by Matthew Bouch. Doctor Who producer Phil Collinson served as executive producer alongside Julie Gardner and Russell T Davies.

The Stories
Invasion Of The Bane
Invasion Of The Bane by Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts, directed by Colin Teague
Maria Jackson has just moved into a new house with her recently-divorced father when she becomes aware of strange goings-on involving her reclusive neighbour, journalist Sarah Jane Smith. But things get even weirder when Maria's new friend, Kelsey, invites her on a tour of a factory which produces the mysteriously addictive energy drink Bubbleshock. There, Maria rescues a strange boy, and has nowhere to turn but to Sarah Jane herself. Together, they must discover the connection between Bubbleshock and an alien plan to conquer the Earth.
Revenge Of The Slitheen
Revenge Of The Slitheen by Gareth Roberts, directed by Alice Troughton
Maria and Luke begin their first day at their new school, where they quickly befriend charming troublemaker Clyde Langer. But not everything seems right at Park Vale Comprehensive: the food in the cafeteria has gone off, there's a mysterious new technology wing, and some of the teachers have developed a peculiar problem with flatulence. With Sarah Jane's help, the three kids discover that schools all over the world have been infiltrated by the Slitheen, who intend to wreak their vengeance on the entire planet.
Clyde joins Maria and Luke in assisting Sarah Jane with her investigations.
Eye Of The Gorgon
Eye Of The Gorgon by Phil Ford, directed by Alice Troughton
Rumours of a ghostly nun lead Sarah Jane, Luke and Clyde to the Lavender Lawns retirement home. There, Luke makes the acquaintance of dotty old Bea Nelson-Stanley. But Bea has secrets of her own, and one of them is an alien talisman she has been hiding for decades, and now entrusts to Luke's care. The talisman is actually the key to a portal leading to the planet of the Gorgons -- the infamous monsters of Greek myth with the power to turn men into stone -- and the nuns who serve the last Gorgon on Earth will stop at nothing to get it back.
Warriors Of Kudlak
Warriors Of Kudlak by Phil Gladwin, directed by Charles Martin
Lance, a classmate of Maria, Luke and Clyde's, goes missing following a visit to Combat 3000, a popular new laser tag facility. Investigating, Sarah Jane discovers that there have in fact been a number of disappearances associated with Combat 3000 locations across the country. The abductor is the alien General Kudlak, who is using the game arena to identify young people with the greatest aptitude for becoming warriors. Unbeknownst to Sarah Jane, Luke and Clyde decide to participate in Combat 3000 -- and soon become Kudlak's latest targets.
Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane?
Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane? by Gareth Roberts, directed by Graeme Harper
Maria wakes up one morning to discover, much to her horror, that she is the only one who remembers Sarah Jane Smith. Clyde has never heard of her; Luke is nowhere to be found; and a woman named Andrea Yates now lives in Sarah Jane's house. Maria becomes convinced that Andrea has something to do with her vanished friend. But as she begins to uncover a tragedy in the distant past that involves both women, will Maria become the next person to be erased from history?
The Lost Boy
The Lost Boy by Phil Ford, directed by Charles Martin
The lives of Sarah Jane and her young friends are thrown into turmoil when a news report reveals that Luke was not an artificial creation of the Bane after all, but in fact a real boy named Ashley Stafford. Soon, Sarah Jane is facing accusations of child abduction while Maria confronts the prospect of being barred from ever seeing her mentor again. She and Clyde become determined to get to the bottom of things, and together they unearth a conspiracy between an old foe and one of their closest allies.

Making History

With the enormous popularity of the new Doctor Who series amongst younger viewers, Children's BBC asked executive producer Russell T Davies to create a spin-off series targetted at that audience. The result was The Sarah Jane Adventures, which debuted with a one-hour special, Invasion Of The Bane, on New Year's Day 2007, followed by a full ten-episode season in the autumn. In-between, it was decided to replace original castmember Porsha Lawrence-Mavour with Daniel Anthony in order to achieve a better gender balance amongst the main cast.

Season Two: Family Matters

The Characters

Rani Chandra was an aspiring journalist who succeeded Maria as Sarah Jane's neighbour across the road and helped Sarah defeat Odd Bob the Clown.

Anjli Mohindra played Rani from The Day Of The Clown in October 2008 to The Man Who Never Was in October 2011.


Haresh Chandra was Rani's father, and Luke and Clyde's principal at Park Vale school.

Ace Bhatti played Haresh regularly from The Day Of The Clown in October 2008 to The Curse Of Clyde Langer in October 2011.

Haresh Chandra

Gita Chandra was Rani's mother, and owned the florist shop Bloomin' Lovely.

Mina Anwar played Gita regularly from The Day Of The Clown in October 2008 to Sky in October 2011.

Gita Chandra

The Production Team

With Matthew Bouch taking the role of series producer, the producer's chair was now filled by former Doctor Who script editor Nikki Smith.

The Stories
The Last Sontaran
The Last Sontaran by Phil Ford, directed by Joss Agnew
Strange lights in the sky draw Sarah Jane, Maria, Luke and Clyde to a radio tracking station. There, they discover that the facility has been invaded by Commander Kaagh, the last surviving Sontaran from their recent invasion of Earth. Kaagh is determined to avenge his people, and initiates a program to send all manmade satellites crashing down onto the Earth's nuclear reactors, annihilating the planet. Maria, already grappling with the prospect of leaving for America with her father, finds herself involving both her parents in a last-ditch attempt to save the world.
Maria reluctantly decides to move away with her father so that he can accept a new job.
The Day Of The Clown
The Day Of The Clown by Phil Ford, directed by Michael Kerrigan
The Chandra family moves into the Jacksons' house on Bannerman Road. Sarah Jane is adamant that their daughter, Rani, not become caught up in her adventures, but Rani is already being haunted by a malevolent clown. Clyde becomes convinced that the clown is connected to a spate of disappearances from their school, and with Rani's help they follow the lead to a circus museum. Confronted by the museum's eerie proprietor, Sarah Jane discovers that the kidnapper is none other than the Pied Piper of old.
Secrets Of The Stars
Secrets Of The Stars by Gareth Roberts, directed by Michael Kerrigan
One night, a blazing light from the heavens strikes a small-time shyster named Martin Trueman. Within days, Trueman has risen to fame for his uncanny astrological ability, seeing into the past and predicting the future. Sarah Jane suspects that there is a sinister force working through Trueman. But when Mr Smith is incapable of analysing the astrologer's abilities, Luke realises that Trueman must be possessed by a power which comes from beyond the universe itself.
The Mark Of The Berserker
The Mark Of The Berserker by Joseph Lidster, directed by Joss Agnew
A classmate of Luke, Clyde and Rani's discovers an alien pendant which allows the wearer to control the minds of others. But the power comes at a terrible cost, and Rani is able to retrieve the artefact and bring it to Sarah Jane's for safekeeping. Sarah Jane, however, is out of town... while Clyde's long-absent father, Paul, is back in town, trying to reconnect with his son. When Clyde accidentally gives his dad the opportunity to steal the pendant, Paul quickly finds the lure of its power irresistible.
The Temptation Of Sarah Jane Smith
The Temptation Of Sarah Jane Smith by Gareth Roberts, directed by Graeme Harper
In August 1951, Eddie and Barbara Smith inexplicably left their infant daughter, Sarah Jane, by the side of the road and, moments later, perished in a traffic accident. In the present day, Sarah Jane discovers a time fissure leading back to her home town of Foxgrove in the summer of 1951. Despite her fears that she's falling into a trap, she can't resist altering the course of events to save her parents' lives. In so doing, Sarah Jane succumbs to a plot by the Trickster to irrevocably alter the Earth's history.
Enemy Of The Bane
Enemy Of The Bane by Phil Ford, directed by Graeme Harper
Mrs Wormwood returns, and claims to be in need of Sarah Jane's help. She alleges that she is being hunted by the Bane due to her failure during their invasion of Earth. In retaliation, she wants to foil the Bane's plan to resurrect an ancient interstellar conqueror named Horath. She requires information stored in UNIT's Black Archive, and Sarah Jane reluctantly agrees to approach her old friend, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, for assistance. But it is actually Mrs Wormwood -- in allegiance with Sontaran Commander Kaagh -- who is plotting to revive Horath, and thereby dominate the galaxy.
From Raxacoricofallapatorius With Love
From Raxacoricofallapatorius With Love by Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman, directed by Joss Agnew
A man calling himself Ambassador Rahnius of the Galactic Alliance teleports into Sarah Jane's attic, much to the bewilderment of Sarah Jane, Luke, Clyde and Rani. The Ambassador claims to have been despatched to express the Alliance's thanks to Sarah Jane for all of her accomplishments. Soon, however, K·9 materialises in the attic as well, accusing the man of being a Slitheen in disguise. As events get weirder and weirder, it appears that the robot dog has fallen into a trap...

Making History

For its second full season, The Sarah Jane Adventures once again experienced a departure from the main cast. With Yasmin Paige's education precluding her appearance in every episode, it was decided to write the Jackson family out of the programme in The Last Sontaran, although Maria and Alan would both make cameo appearances later in the year. Rani Chandra and her family were introduced to fill the void left by the Jacksons.

Meanwhile, perennial Doctor Who favourite Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, played once again by Nicholas Courtney, appeared in the season finale Enemy Of The Bane. This marked the fortieth anniversary of the Brigadier's first appearance in Doctor Who, and his first appearance on television since 1993.

Season Three: All Our Yesterdays

The Production Team

Matthew Bouch departed The Sarah Jane Adventures, while Piers Wenger (who was in the process of taking over for Julie Gardner) became the show's third executive producer.

The Stories
Prisoner Of The Judoon
Prisoner Of The Judoon by Phil Ford, directed by Joss Agnew
Sarah Jane and her friends investigate what seems to be a meteorite, but turns out to be a crashed Judoon prisoner transport. On board was an intergalactic murderer named Androvax -- a Veil, capable of inhabiting the bodies of others. Sarah Jane forges an uneasy alliance with Judoon Captain Tybo in an effort to recapture Androvax, but falls prey to the Veil herself. Now in possession of all of Sarah Jane's knowledge and weapons, Androvax sets his sights on Genetec Systems -- whose nanobot technology will help him escape Earth, or destroy it in trying.
The Mad Woman In The Attic
The Mad Woman In The Attic by Joseph Lidster, directed by Alice Troughton
Rani is feeling alienated from Sarah Jane, Luke and Clyde. When her old friend Sam asks her to come back home to Danemouth to investigate a mystery, she's quick to accept. Stories of disappearances at a derelict amusement park lead Rani to an alien girl named Eve, who crashlanded on Earth and was hidden in the park by its caretaker, Harry. But Eve and her damaged vessel possess devastating powers that transcend time and space, and when Sarah Jane and her companions come looking for Rani, their actions may put their own futures at risk...
Eve's Ship uses the black hole that K·9 was monitoring as fuel, allowing the robot dog to return to Sarah Jane.
The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith
The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith by Gareth Roberts, directed by Joss Agnew
Sarah Jane has a surprise for Luke: she's been secretly dating a man named Peter Dalton, and has accepted his proposal of marriage. Luke is delighted to see his mother so happy, but Clyde and Rani are suspicious -- especially when it turns out that nobody has lived in Peter's house for several weeks. They're unable to convince the others that anything is amiss, however, and the day of the wedding quickly arrives. But Peter does indeed harbour a dark secret: he is a pawn of the Trickster, and this time not even the Doctor may be in time to save Sarah Jane.
The Eternity Trap
The Eternity Trap by Phil Ford, directed by Alice Troughton
Professor Rivers of the Pharos Institute invites Sarah Jane to join her in her investigation of Ashen Hill Manor. The estate has been plagued by rumours of hauntings and mysterious disappearances for centuries, dating back to 1665 when it was home to the purported alchemist, Erasmus Darkening. Sarah Jane is skeptical at first... until Professor Rivers vanishes as well. With spirits roaming the secret passages that riddle the house, and something malevolent stalking the night outdoors, Sarah Jane must find out what really happened in Ashen Hill Manor three hundred and fifty years ago.
Mona Lisa's Revenge
Mona Lisa's Revenge by Phil Ford, directed by Joss Agnew
Clyde has developed a talent for painting, and a piece of his artwork earns his class a trip to see the Mona Lisa, which is on display at a London gallery. But suddenly, something hidden in the bowels of the gallery brings the painting to life. Mona Lisa turns out to be a sinister woman gifted with unearthly powers, who searches the gallery for her mysterious missing “brother”. Investigating, Sarah Jane is trapped in a painting by Mona Lisa, leaving only Luke, Clyde and Rani to stop the threat and restore Mona Lisa to her frame.
The Gift
The Gift by Rupert Laight, directed by Alice Troughton
Sarah Jane uncovers a new scheme by the Slitheen to destroy the Earth, but the villains are stopped by the Blathereen, members of another family on Raxacoricofallapatorius. The Blathereen profess nothing but goodwill towards the human race, and offer Sarah Jane the gift of Rakweed, a hardy and nutritious plant which can grow in even the most hostile of environments. Although Sarah Jane does not entirely trust the Blathereen, she decides to take a chance and accept the Rakweed -- little realising that the Blathereen have their own sinister designs on Earth.

Making History

For the third season of The Sarah Jane Adventures, an agreement was reached for K·9 to join the main cast, and so the events of The Mad Woman In The Attic were arranged to provide K·9 with a release from the extra-dimensional space in which he had been voluntarily trapped since Invasion Of The Bane. A new broadcast schedule was introduced for the programme, which now aired twice weekly.

Season Four: The Circle Game

The Production Team

With the departure of Julie Gardner, Nikki Wilson (nee Smith) became an executive producer. She was replaced as producer by Brian Minchin, formerly a script editor on Torchwood and an assistant producer on its epic serial Children Of Earth.

The Stories
The Nightmare Man
The Nightmare Man by Joseph Lidster, directed by Joss Agnew
Luke is wracked with insecurity after he decides to take early admission to Oxford University. With the day of his departure from Bannerman Road looming ever closer, he finds himself dreaming for the first time ever -- terrible nightmares which play upon his worries about leaving his home, mum and friends behind. These dreams are the work of an entity calling itself the Nightmare Man, who is feeding upon Luke's fears in order to manifest in the real world, and plunge all humanity into an eternal state of bad dreams...
The Vault Of Secrets
The Vault Of Secrets by Phil Ford, directed by Joss Agnew
Androvax the Veil returns to Earth, but this time he claims to be seeking Sarah Jane's help. Dying of an incurable poison, Androvax is trying to recover a spaceship which carries the cryogenically-frozen survivors of his doomed planet. The trail has led him to a mysterious vault hidden beneath a disused asylum in London, but it is guarded by androids led by the impassive Mr Dread. With the fate of an entire species at stake, Sarah Jane is forced into an uneasy alliance with one of her most sinister enemies, little realising that Androvax's designs may have terrible consequences for the Earth.
Death Of The Doctor
Death Of The Doctor by Russell T Davies, directed by Ashley Way
UNIT arrives at Sarah Jane's door with terrible news: the Doctor is dead, his body brought to Earth by alien undertakers called the Shansheeth. Sarah Jane refuses to believe that her friend is gone for good, and only reluctantly agrees to travel to a UNIT base for the Doctor's hastily-assembled funeral. And she isn't the only skeptic: also in attendance is Jo Jones, Sarah Jane's predecessor aboard the TARDIS, who is equally convinced that the Doctor is still alive. But it falls to Clyde and Rani -- and Jo's grandson Santiago -- to discover that they have fallen into a trap laid by the Shansheeth.
The Empty Planet
The Empty Planet by Gareth Roberts, directed by Ashley Way
One night, Mr Smith detects an untraceable alien signal. Nothing seems amiss... until the next morning, when Rani and Clyde awaken to find that their parents, Sarah Jane, and indeed everybody on Bannerman Road have all vanished. Even Mr Smith does not respond to their commands. Heading into town, they find that London is deserted, with only a frightened boy named Gavin left behind. But suddenly, strange sounds fill the air, alien symbols appear on every television screen, and robots roam the streets. Can the two teenagers solve the mystery of the empty planet?
Lost In Time
Lost In Time by Rupert Laight, directed by Joss Agnew
Sarah Jane is summoned by the mysterious Shopkeeper, who warns her that three fragments of chronosteen, a metal forged in the time vortex, have been lost in the Earth's past. Chronosteen has the power to change history, and so the Shopkeeper sends Sarah Jane, Clyde and Rani back in time, each with a mission to recover one of the pieces. Clyde finds himself fighting Nazis along the English coast. Rani becomes caught up in the intrigue of the court of Lady Jane Grey. And Sarah Jane must unearth the secret of a haunted house, and its tragic connection to the future...
Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith
Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith by Clayton Hickman and Gareth Roberts, directed by Joss Agnew
Sarah Jane is feeling old, her memory becoming unreliable. When she, Clyde and Rani confront a platoon of alien invaders, she forgets vital equipment and places all their lives in danger. Only the intervention of mysterious alien-hunter Ruby White averts disaster. Soon, Sarah Jane begins to consider retirement, and she comes to see Ruby as her natural successor. But there is more to Sarah Jane's condition -- and to Ruby White -- than meets the eye, and it will take the combined forces of Clyde, Rani, Luke, Mr Smith and K·9 to save their friend.

Making History

Such was the BBC's confidence in The Sarah Jane Adventures that it was renewed for two additional seasons, as announced on March 4th, 2010. However, Tommy Knight's educational commitments forced him to take a reduced role in the season; except for occasional cameos, he played a prominent part in only the first and last stories of the fourth season.

Season Five: A Life Of Adventure

The Characters

Bred to be a weapon in a genocidal alien war, Sky Smith was spirited away by the mysterious Shopkeeper and brought to Earth to be raised by Sarah Jane as her daughter.

Sinead Michael played Sky from the eponymous Sky in October 2011 to The Man Who Never Was in October 2011.


The Stories
Sky by Phil Ford, directed by Ashley Way
An alien baby is abandoned on Sarah Jane's doorstep, prompting her to investigate the child's mysterious background. She soon discovers that there are two aliens at work in London: a humanoid Fleshkind and a boron-based Metalkind, representatives of species which have been at war for generations. The baby, whom Sarah Jane names “Sky,” is a genetically-engineered weapon developed by the Fleshkind. However, their plan to wipe out the Metalkind will endanger not only Sky, but the entire Earth -- and when Sky abruptly ages to teenagerhood, Sarah Jane realises that time is running out.
Sky decides to remain on Earth with Sarah Jane.
The Curse Of Clyde Langer
The Curse Of Clyde Langer by Phil Ford, directed by Ashley Way
When fish rain from the sky above Ealing, a clue from Mr Smith leads Sarah Jane, Clyde, Rani and Sky to a recently-unearthed totem pole on display at a local museum. While messing about with the exhibit, Clyde gets a livid splinter. He thinks nothing of it until the next day, when suddenly everyone turns against him: Sarah Jane orders him out of her house, Rani says she hates him, and even his mum wants nothing to do with him. Only Sky seems immune, but while she attempts to get to the bottom of the strange sequence of events, Clyde tries to eke out a new life for himself on the streets of London.
The Man Who Never Was
The Man Who Never Was by Gareth Roberts, directed by Joss Agnew
Sarah Jane is invited to a special advance preview of the SerfBoard, a revolutionary new computer created by the reclusive Joseph Serf. She is accompanied by Luke and Sky, who are startled to spot Serf “glitching” during his presentation, as if he were some kind of hologram. More chillingly, some of the other journalists in attendance start to behave strangely, as if the SerfBoard were exerting a malign influence on them. Soon Sarah Jane and her family discover that there are aliens working in a secret subbasement at Serf Systems... but there is more to their involvement than first appears.

Making History

For budgetary and logistical reasons, three of the six stories planned for the fifth season of The Sarah Jane Adventures were actually filmed alongside Season Four. This included the introduction of a new regular character, Sky Smith, who was created to provide a younger protagonist now that Luke, Clyde and Rani were growing up.

However, production of the remaining trio of adventures -- planned for the spring of 2011 -- had to be postponed when Elisabeth Sladen revealed to the production office that she was battling cancer. Following her sad passing on April 19th, it was decided that no additional episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures would be made. The three remaining stories were broadcast in October 2011 as a tribute to the show's unforgettable star. The final episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, The Man Who Never Was part two, aired on CBBC on October 18th.