The Doctor Who Production Diary: February 24th

1941 David Gooderson (the second actor to portray Davros) is born Davros
1966 Peter Purves' contract is extended for twelve episodes beyond The Ark, with the understanding that Purves will then be leaving Doctor Who Steven 
1968 Debut broadcast of The Web Of Fear episode four on BBC1 The Web Of Fear
1968 Recording for Fury From The Deep takes place in Lime Grove Studio D Fury From The Deep
1969 Wendy Padbury's departure is announced to the press Zoe
1973 Debut broadcast of Frontier In Space episode one on BBC1 Frontier In Space
1975 Recording for Genesis Of The Daleks takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 6 Genesis Of The Daleks
1978 Ted Lewis is commissioned to write “Shield Of Zarak” The Fourth Doctor
1979 Debut broadcast of The Armageddon Factor episode six on BBC1 The Armageddon Factor
1984 Debut broadcast of Planet Of Fire episode two on BBC1 Planet Of Fire
1986 BBC Head of Series and Serials Jonathan Powell delivers a stinging criticism of the scripts for The Trial Of A Time Lord (Segment One), exacerbating tensions between John Nathan-Turner and Eric Saward The Trial Of A Time Lord (Segment
2005 Recording for Bad Wolf / The Parting Of The Ways takes place at Unit Q2 Bad Wolf / The Parting Of The Ways
2009 Location filming for The Waters Of Mars takes place in Taffs Well, Wales The Waters Of Mars
2010 Location filming for Amy's Choice takes place in Skenfrith Village, Wales Amy's Choice
2011 Recording for The God Complex takes place at Upper Boat Studios The God Complex
2012 Recording for Dinosaurs On A Spaceship takes place at Upper Boat Studios Dinosaurs On A Spaceship