The Doctor Who Production Diary: April 17th

1942 David Bradley (the third actor to play the First Doctor) is born Twice Upon A Time
1964 Recording for The Keys Of Marinus takes place at Lime Grove Studio D The Keys Of Marinus
1965 Debut broadcast of The Crusade episode four, The Warlords, on BBC1 The Crusade
1967 Deborah Watling is contracted for The Evil Of The Daleks Victoria
1971 Debut broadcast of Colony In Space episode two on BBC1 Colony In Space
1973 Recording for The Green Death takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 3 The Green Death
1974 Nicholas Courtney is contracted for Robot Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart
1974 John Levene is contracted for Robot Sergeant
John Benton
1974 Recording for Planet Of The Spiders takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 8 Planet Of The Spiders
1978 John Leeson is contracted for The Pirate Planet K·9
1979 Filming for The Creature From The Pit takes place at the BBC Visual Effects Workshop The Creature From The Pit
2008 Location filming for The Next Doctor takes place in Newport, Wales The Next Doctor
2009 Location filming for The End Of Time takes place in Wells, Somerset The End Of Time
2010 Debut broadcast of Victory Of The Daleks on BBC1 Victory Of The Daleks
2012 Location filming for The Angels Take Manhattan takes place in St Nicholas, Wales The Angels Take Manhattan
2013 Location filming for The Day Of The Doctor takes place in Chepstow, Wales The Day Of The Doctor