The Doctor Who Production Diary: May 8th

1964 Recording for The Aztecs takes place at BBC Television Centre Studio 3; Carole Ann Ford is absent while on holiday The Aztecs
1965 Debut broadcast of The Space Museum episode three, The Search, on BBC1 The Space Museum
1969 Recording for The War Games takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 4 The War Games
1970 Recording for Inferno takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 3 Inferno
1971 Debut broadcast of Colony In Space episode five on BBC1 Colony In Space
1973 Location filming for The Time Warrior takes place in Peckforton, Cheshire The Time Warrior
1975 Filming for Pyramids Of Mars takes place at the BBC Television Centre Puppet Theatre Pyramids Of Mars
1979 Filming for City Of Death takes place at Bray Studios City Of Death
1981 Location filming for The Visitation takes place in Hurley, Berkshire The Visitation
1987 Stephen Wyatt is commissioned to write the first episode of The Greatest Show In The Galaxy The Greatest Show In The
1989 Location filming for Battlefield takes place in Hambleton, Leicestershire Battlefield
2009 Recording for The End Of Time takes place at Upper Boat Studios The End Of Time
2010 Debut broadcast of The Vampires Of Venice on BBC1 and BBC HD The Vampires Of Venice
2012 Location filming for The Power Of Three takes place in Penarth, Wales The Power Of Three