The Doctor Who Production Diary: May 9th

1964 Debut broadcast of The Keys Of Marinus episode five, Sentence Of Death, on BBC1 The Keys Of Marinus
1970 Debut broadcast of Inferno episode one on BBC1 Inferno
1972 Recording for The Time Monster takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 4; a new TARDIS console room set designed by Tim Gleeson appears, but is damaged in storage after the story is completed The Time Monster
1973 Location filming for The Time Warrior takes place in Peckforton, Cheshire The Time Warrior
1974 Gerry Davis is commissioned to provide a storyline for Revenge Of The Cybermen Revenge Of The Cybermen
1975 Filming for Pyramids Of Mars takes place at the BBC Television Centre Puppet Theatre Pyramids Of Mars
1979 Filming for City Of Death takes place at Bray Studios City Of Death
1980 The casting of Matthew Waterhouse as new companion Adric is announced to the press Adric
2007 James Moran is commissioned to write The Fires Of Pompeii The Fires Of Pompeii
2009 Recording for The End Of Time takes place at Upper Boat Studios The End Of Time
2012 Location filming for The Power Of Three takes place in Neath, Wales The Power Of Three