The Doctor Who Production Diary: June 25th

1965 Recording for The Time Meddler takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 4 The Time Meddler
1965 Filming for Galaxy 4 takes place at the Ealing Television Film Studios Galaxy 4
1966 Debut broadcast of The War Machines episode one on BBC1 The War Machines
1968 Roberts Holmes is commissioned to write The Krotons The Krotons
1969 David Whitaker is commissioned to write The Ambassadors Of Death The Ambassadors Of Death
1980 A lack of studio space forces John Nathan-Turner to abandon his plans to complete Shada as a Christmas special Shada
1980 Recording for Meglos takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 8 Meglos
1984 Nicola Bryant's contract option for the final five stories of Season Twenty-Two is taken up, starting with Vengeance On Varos Peri Brown
1987 Location filming for Delta And The Bannermen takes place near Penarth, Wales Delta And The Bannermen
2012 Location filming for Cold War takes place in Llanwern, Wales Cold War