The Doctor Who Production Diary: September 3rd

1965 Maureen O'Brien is informed that her contract option will not be taken up, and The Myth Makers will be her last Doctor Who story Vicki
1965 Peter Purves' contract is extended for twenty-four episodes beyond The Myth Makers Steven 
1965 Probable date of filming for The Myth Makers at the Ham Polo Club in Middlesex The Myth Makers
1968 Location filming for The Invasion takes place in Coln St Aldwyns, Gloucestershire The Invasion
1971 Bob Baker and Dave Martin are commissioned to write the third episode of The Mutants The Mutants
1977 Debut broadcast of Horror Of Fang Rock episode one on BBC1 Horror Of Fang Rock
1981 Location filming for Castrovalva takes place in Withyham, East Sussex Castrovalva
1987 Graeme Curry is commissioned to write the first episode of The Happiness Patrol The Happiness Patrol
2004 Recording for Aliens Of London / World War Three takes place at Unit Q2 Aliens Of London / World War Three
2007 The BBC announces that Doctor Who has been renewed for Season Thirty-One, but that this will not air until 2010, with a series of specials being broadcast during 2009 The Tenth Doctor
2007 Recording for Planet Of The Ood takes place at Upper Boat Studios Planet Of The Ood
2009 Location filming for Victory Of The Daleks takes place in Penarth, Wales Victory Of The Daleks
2011 Debut broadcast of Night Terrors on BBC1 and BBC1 HD Night Terrors
2012 Recording for The Snowmen takes place at BBC Roath Lock The Snowmen