The Doctor Who Production Diary: October 8th

1965 Recording for The Myth Makers takes place at Riverside Studio 1; Maureen O'Brien leaves Doctor Who The Myth Makers
1965 Filming for The Daleks' Master Plan takes place at the Ealing Television Film Studios The Daleks' Master Plan
1966 Recording for The Tenth Planet takes place in Riverside Studio 1; Patrick Troughton joins the regular Doctor Who cast, while William Hartnell leaves the programme The Tenth Planet
1966 Debut broadcast of The Tenth Planet episode one on BBC1 The Tenth Planet
1969 Location filming for Spearhead From Space takes place at Wood Norton, near Evesham, Hereford and Worcester Spearhead From Space
1973 Filming for Invasion Of The Dinosaurs takes place at an unknown location Invasion Of The Dinosaurs
1974 Retroactive approval is given for Robert Holmes to rewrite The Ark In Space The Ark In Space
1977 Debut broadcast of The Invisible Enemy episode two on BBC1 The Invisible Enemy
1979 Recording for The Horns Of Nimon takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 6 The Horns Of Nimon
1981 Location filming for Black Orchid takes place in Withyam, East Sussex Black Orchid
2004 Location filming for The End Of The World takes place in Cardiff, Wales The End Of The World
2005 Recording for The Christmas Invasion takes place at Unit Q2 The Christmas Invasion
2005 Recording for New Earth takes place at Unit Q2 New Earth
2005 Recording for School Reunion takes place at Unit Q2 School Reunion
2007 Location filming for Partners In Crime takes place in Cardiff, Wales Partners In Crime
2009 Location filming for The Eleventh Hour takes place in Rhymney, Wales The Eleventh Hour
2010 Recording for A Christmas Carol takes place at Upper Boat Studios A Christmas Carol
2012 Location filming for The Bells Of Saint John takes place in Cardiff, Wales The Bells Of Saint John