The Sarah Jane Adventures Episodes 41 & 42:
Death Of The Doctor


UNIT arrives at Sarah Jane's door with terrible news: the Doctor is dead, his body brought to Earth by alien undertakers called the Shansheeth. Sarah Jane refuses to believe that her friend is gone for good, and only reluctantly agrees to travel to a UNIT base for the Doctor's hastily-assembled funeral. And she isn't the only skeptic: also in attendance is Jo Jones, Sarah Jane's predecessor aboard the TARDIS, who is equally convinced that the Doctor is still alive. But it falls to Clyde and Rani -- and Jo's grandson Santiago -- to discover that they have fallen into a trap laid by the Shansheeth.



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Original Transmission
Episode 1
Date 25th Oct 2010
Time 5.17pm
Duration 26'21"
Viewers (more) 920k
· CBBC 920k
· BBC1 480k
(27th Oct 2010)
Episode 2
Date 26th Oct 2010
Time 5.17pm
Duration 26'10"
Viewers (more) 960k
· CBBC 960k
· BBC1 470k
(28th Oct 2010)

Sarah Jane Smith
Elisabeth Sladen
Luke Smith
Tommy Knight
Mr Smith
Alexander Armstrong
Clyde Langer
Daniel Anthony
Rani Chandra
Anjli Mohindra
Haresh Chandra
Ace Bhatti
The Doctor
Matt Smith
Jo Jones
Katy Manning
Santiago Jones
Finn Jones
Colonel Karim
Laila Rouass
Jimmy Vee
Paul Kasey
Ruari Mears
Ben Ashley
Voice of Shansheeth Blue
David Bradley
Voice of The Groske
Phillip Hurd-Wood
Additional Shansheeth Voices
Jon Glover

Written by
Russell T Davies
Directed by
Ashley Way
Produced by
Brian Minchin

Created by
Russell T Davies
Phil Ford
1st Assistant Director
Richard Harris
2nd Assistant Director
Sarah Davies
3rd Assistant Director
Delmi Thomas
Production Co-Ordinator
Hannah Simpson
Script Supervisor
Nicki Coles
Script Editor
Gary Russell
Location Manager
Gareth Skelding
Camera Operator
Martin Stephens
Focus Pullers
Steve Rees
Mani Blaxter Paliwala
John Robinson
Boom Operator
Jeff Welch
Dave Fowler
Standby Art Director
Jackson Pope
Standby Props
Phill Shellard
BBC Wales Graphics
Costume Supervisor
Barbara Harrington
Assistant Editor
Carmen Sanchez Roberts
Post Production Supervisor
Nerys Davies
Post Production Co-ordinator
Marie Brown
Jon Everett
Online Editor
Matt Mullins
Sound Editors
Matthew Cox
Howard Eaves
Dubbing Mixer
Mark Ferda
Title Music
Murray Gold
Sam Watts
Dan Watts
Casting Director
Andy Brierley
Production Executive
Julie Scott
Production Accountant
Mark Strainge
Sound Recordist
Bryn Thomas
Costume Designer
Stewart Meachem
Make Up Designer
Emma Bailey
Visual Effects
Special Effects
Real SFX
Millennium FX
Ceres Doyle
Production Designer
Keith Dunne
Director of Photography
Mark Waters
Production Manager
Steffan Morris
Executive Producers for BBC Wales
Russell T Davies
Nikki Wilson

Updated 6th January 2012