The Doctor Who Production Diary: April 1st

1966 Recording for The Celestial Toymaker takes place at Riverside Studio 1; William Hartnell is absent while on holiday The Celestial Toymaker
1967 Debut broadcast of The Macra Terror episode four on BBC1 The Macra Terror
1967 Recording for The Faceless Ones takes place in Lime Grove Studio D The Faceless Ones
1969 Location filming for The War Games takes place in Seaford, East Sussex; East Dean, East Sussex; and Clayton, West Sussex The War Games
1970 Location filming for Inferno takes place in Strood, Kent Inferno
1971 Louis Marks is commissioned to write “The Ghost Hunters” Day Of The Daleks
1972 Debut broadcast of The Sea Devils episode six on BBC1 The Sea Devils
1977 Filming for The Invisible Enemy takes place at Bray Studios The Invisible Enemy
1986 Anthony Ainley is contracted for The Trial Of A Time Lord (Segment Four) The
2006 Recording for The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit takes place at Pinewood Studios in Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit
2009 Location filming for The End Of Time takes place in Newport, Wales The End Of Time
2011 Location filming for Let's Kill Hitler takes place in Cardiff, Wales Let's Kill Hitler
2013 Recording for The Day Of The Doctor takes place at BBC Roath Lock The Day Of The Doctor