The Doctor Who Production Diary: June 28th

1951 Sarah Ward (aka Lalla Ward, who played Romana) is born The Second Romana
1968 Recording for The Mind Robber takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 3; Frazer Hines is absent due to illness, so the script is rewritten to allow Hamish Wilson to play Jamie The Mind Robber
1983 Location filming for Warriors Of The Deep takes place in Marchwood, Hampshire Warriors Of The Deep
1988 Location filming for Silver Nemesis takes place in Arundel, West Sussex Silver Nemesis
1994 The FOX network orders a two-hour Doctor Who telefilm which might serve as a “backdoor pilot” for an ongoing series The Eighth Doctor
2008 Debut broadcast of The Stolen Earth on BBC1 The Stolen Earth / Journey's End
2012 Recording for The Power Of Three takes place at BBC Roath Lock, while location filming takes place in Penarth, Wales The Power Of Three
2012 Location filming for The Angels Take Manhattan takes place in Llanelli, Wales The Angels Take Manhattan
2012 Recording for Cold War takes place at BBC Roath Lock Cold War