The Doctor Who Production Diary: June 29th

1964 Maureen O'Brien (Vicki) is born Vicki
1966 Gerry Davis receives permission to co-write the last two episodes of The Tenth Planet with Kit Pedler, who has fallen badly ill The Tenth Planet
1970 Don Houghton is commissioned to provide a storyline for The Mind Of Evil The Mind Of Evil
1970 Malcolm Hulke is commissioned to provide a storyline for Colony In Space Colony In Space
1970 Charlotte and Dennis Plimmer's “The Cerebroids” is abandoned The Third Doctor
1981 Eric Saward is commissioned to write Earthshock, now intended to replace Christopher Priest's “The Enemy Within” as Adric's final story following a disagreement between Priest and John Nathan-Turner Earthshock
1983 Filming for Warriors Of The Deep takes place at Shepperton Studios Warriors Of The Deep
1987 Location filming for Delta And The Bannermen takes place near Castle-Upon-Alun, Wales Delta And The Bannermen
1988 Location filming for Silver Nemesis takes place in Arundel, West Sussex Silver Nemesis
2012 Recording for Cold War takes place at BBC Roath Lock Cold War