The Doctor Who Production Diary: January 16th

1964 Filming for Marco Polo takes place at the Ealing Television Film Studios The Daleks
1965 Debut broadcast of The Romans episode one, The Slave Traders, on BBC1 The Romans
1967 Roger Dixon proposes “The Ants”, “Bar Kochbar”, “The King's Bedtime Story”, “The New Machines”, “The Return Of The Neanderthal”, “The Sleepwalkers”, “Twin World”, and at least one other untitled story The Second Doctor
1971 Debut broadcast of Terror Of The Autons episode three on BBC1 Terror Of The Autons
1973 Robert Holmes is commissioned to provide a storyline for “The Automata” The Third Doctor
1973 Filming for Planet Of The Daleks takes place at an unknown location Planet Of The Daleks
1974 Filming for The Monster Of Peladon takes place at the Ealing Television Film Studios The Monster Of Peladon
1975 Filming for Genesis Of The Daleks takes place at Bura & Hardwick Genesis Of The Daleks
1979 John Lloyd abandons “The Doomsday Contract” due to other commitments The Fourth Doctor
1980 Lalla Ward is contracted for the first twenty episodes of Season Eighteen; unhappy with John Nathan-Turner's more serious direction for Doctor Who, she has decided to leave the programme mid-year The Second Romana
1983 Recording for The King's Demons takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 1 The King's Demons
1986 Colin Baker is contracted for Season Twenty-Three, with an option for one additional year The Sixth Doctor
1987 Andrew Cartmel becomes the script editor of Doctor Who The Seventh Doctor
1996 Location filming for Doctor Who (1996) takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Doctor Who (1996)
2006 Location filming for Army Of Ghosts / Doomsday takes place at Southerndown Beach, Wales Army Of Ghosts / Doomsday
2007 Recording for 42 takes place at Upper Boat Studios 42
2008 Location filming for Silence In The Library / Forest Of The Dead takes place in Cardiff, Wales Silence In The Library / Forest Of The Dead