The Doctor Who Production Diary: May 23rd

1964 Debut broadcast of The Aztecs episode one, The Temple Of Evil, on BBC1 The Aztecs
1966 Filming for The War Machines takes place at the Ealing Television Film Studios The War Machines
1970 Debut broadcast of Inferno episode three on BBC1 Inferno
1972 Recording for The Time Monster takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 3 The Time Monster
1974 Terrance Dicks is retroactively commissioned to write Robot Robot
1974 Bob Baker and Dave Martin are commissioned to provide a storyline for The Sontaran Experiment The Sontaran Experiment
1974 Due to a labour dispute, Blue Peter is recorded on the set for Robot Robot
1978 Recording for The Pirate Planet takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 6 The Pirate Planet
2012 Location filming for Hide takes place in Cowbridge, Wales Hide