The Doctor Who Production Diary: June 22nd

1965 Filming for Galaxy 4 takes place at the Ealing Television Film Studios Galaxy 4
1966 Location filming for The Smugglers takes place in Trethewey, Cornwall The Smugglers
1970 John Levene is contracted for eighteen episodes of Season Eight Sergeant
John Benton
1973 Katy Manning's departure is announced to the press Jo
1976 Chris Boucher is commissioned to provide a storyline for The Robots Of Death The Robots Of Death
1984 Recording for Attack Of The Cybermen takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 6 Attack Of The Cybermen
1988 Location filming for Silver Nemesis takes place in London Silver Nemesis
1989 Location filming for Survival takes place in Warmwell, Dorset Survival
2012 Recording for Cold War takes place at BBC Roath Lock Cold War