The Doctor Who Production Diary: June 23rd

1965 Filming for Galaxy 4 takes place at the Ealing Television Film Studios Galaxy 4
1966 Michael Craze and Anneke Wills are introduced to the press as new companions Ben Jackson and Polly Polly
1966 Location filming for The Smugglers takes place in Nanjizal Bay, Cornwall The Smugglers
1973 A photocall is held to introduce Elisabeth Sladen as new companion Sarah Jane Smith Sarah Jane
1973 Debut broadcast of The Green Death episode six on BBC1 The Green Death
1976 Eric Pringle's “The Angarath” is abandoned The Fourth Doctor
1977 Bob Baker and Dave Martin are commissioned to write Underworld Underworld
1983 Recording for Warriors Of The Deep takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 6; this occurs a week earlier than planned due to the change in schedules provoked by the General Election Warriors Of The Deep
1986 Location filming for The Trial Of A Time Lord (Segment Four) takes place in Camber, East Sussex The Trial Of
A Time Lord (Segment Four)
1988 Location filming for Silver Nemesis takes place in London Silver Nemesis
1989 Location filming for Survival takes place in Warmwell, Dorset Survival
2007 Debut broadcast of The Sound Of Drums on BBC1 The Sound Of Drums / Last Of The Time Lords