The Doctor Who Production Diary: July 1st

1934 Jean Marsh (Sara Kingdom) is born Sara Kingdom
1966 Recording for The War Machines takes place in Riverside Studio 1 The War Machines
1967 Debut broadcast of The Evil Of The Daleks episode seven on BBC1 The Evil Of The Daleks
1967 Recording for The Tomb Of The Cybermen takes place in Lime Grove Studio D The Tomb Of The Cybermen
1970 After Ian Marter refuses the role of Captain Yates due to other commitments, Richard Franklin is contracted to play the character in Season Eight Captain
Mike Yates
1975 Recording for Planet Of Evil takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 6 Planet Of Evil
1986 Location filming for The Trial Of A Time Lord (Segment Four) takes place in Longton, Staffordshire The Trial Of
A Time Lord (Segment Four)
1987 Location filming for Delta And The Bannermen takes place at Barry Island, Wales Delta And The Bannermen
1988 Location filming for Silver Nemesis takes place in Bramber, West Sussex Silver Nemesis
2006 Debut broadcast of Army Of Ghosts on BBC1 Army Of Ghosts / Doomsday
2017 Debut broadcast of The Doctor Falls on BBC1 and BBC1 HD World Enough And Time / The Doctor Falls