Doctor Who: The Lost Stories (U·V·W)

The Ultimate Evil The Sixth Doctor
Writer: Wally K Daly Notes: “The Ultimate Evil” was probably intended to be the second story of Season Twenty-Three, to be made as Serial 7B by director Fiona Cumming (who had most recently helmed Planet Of Fire). On February 27th, 1985, however, it was announced that production of Doctor Who was being suspended until Spring 1986; all of the stories originally planned for Season Twenty-Three were abandoned in favour of The Trial Of A Time Lord. Target Books published Daly's novelisation of “The Ultimate Evil” in August 1989.
Characters: The Sixth Doctor, Peri
Episodes: 2 (45-minute)
Planned For: Probably the second story of Season Twenty-Three
Stage Reached: Full scripts
Synopsis: The continents of Tranquela and Ameliora have been at peace for fifty years. However, a Salakan arms dealer called the Dwarf Mordant has entered into an alliance with Escoval, second in line for the Tranquelan throne, to foment war so that Escoval can overthrow his ruler, Abatan. The Dwarf Mordant is blanketing the planet with rays that induce fits of rage in the populace. Arriving on Tranquela, the Doctor is overcome by the Dwarf Mordant's influence and attacks his old friends, scientists Ravlos and Kareelya. Peri meets Abatan's disconsolate son, Locas, who murdered his lover, Mariana, during a fit of rage. Ravlos and Kareelya have invented a helmet which protects the wearer from the Dwarf Mordant's rays, and use this to save the Doctor. Peri and Locas uncover Escoval's treachery. The Doctor traces the Dwarf Mordant's transmissions to his spaceship and forces him to train a peace ray on the planet, while Abatan executes Escoval and Locas learns that Mariana survived her apparent death.
References: Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition #3

The Underworld The Fifth Doctor
Writer: Barbara Clegg Notes: Clegg submitted this idea in late 1982 after completing Enlightenment, but it was not pursued. Several elements of the storyline were inspired by Greek mythology. The Hadeans were a reference to Hades, the name of both the Greek Underworld and the god who ruled it. Styx was the river which formed the boundary between Earth and Hades. Orfeo and Erdiss were analogues for Orpheus and Eurydice; in legend, Eurydice dies of a snakebite, and her husband Orpheus travels to Hades to bring her back (albeit unsuccessfully). Herm's name was derived from the god Hermes, one of whose roles was to guide lost souls to Hades. Charon, the ferryman who transports the newly dead across the Styx, became the bargeman Kairon, an accomplice of Herm. A Hadean digging machine was inspired by Cerberus, the three-headed dog who guards the gates to Hades and prevents those who have travelled down the Styx from escaping.
Characters: The Fifth Doctor
Episodes: Unknown
Planned For: Season Twenty-One
Stage Reached: Storyline
Synopsis: In Ancient Greece, the Doctor learns that many young women have recently perished from snake bites. Instead of having them buried, however, a medicine man named Herm has encouraged the population to send their bodies by barge down the river Styx. With the help of a musician named Orfeo whose girlfriend, Erdiss, is one of the victims, the Doctor convinces Herm to confess the truth: the girls are not dead but have been drugged, and have been conveyed to a hidden underground city. There, the Doctor confronts aliens called the Hadeans, who have been kidnapping women because their own female population has been made infertile. The Doctor counsels the Hadeans on a genetic solution to their problem.
References: Doctor Who Magazine #267, DWM Special Edition #3

The Vampire Planet see The Harvesters

Valley Of Shadows The Sixth Doctor
Writer: Philip Martin Notes: Martin submitted this idea on December 28th, 1983, while awaiting feedback on Season Twenty-Two's Vengeance On Varos. On March 9th, 1984, script editor Eric Saward noted that more development would be needed before he could properly assess “Valley Of Shadows”; the notion was not pursued further.
Characters: The Sixth Doctor, Peri
Episodes: Unknown
Planned For: Season Twenty-Three
Stage Reached: Story idea
Synopsis: While visiting an excavation in Egypt, Peri is seemingly crushed to death. To save her, the Doctor embarks on a journey to the Egyptian underworld. He finds himself in ancient Egypt, where the Pharoah Akhenaton rules with the aid of alien power.
References: Doctor Who Magazine #309

Valley Of The Lost The Fourth Doctor
Writer: Philip Hinchcliffe Notes: Hinchcliffe submitted “Valley Of The Lost” around November 1978. It was rejected on January 3rd, 1979, both on the grounds of cost and because other stories under consideration at the same time (including The Armageddon Factor and “Child Prodigy”) also dealt with frozen-time concepts.
Characters: The Fourth Doctor, Romana
Episodes: Unknown
Planned For: Season Seventeen
Stage Reached: Storyline
Synopsis: The Doctor and Romana travel to the jungles of Brazil, where they come upon a Luron scout ship which crashlanded in 1870. The vessel emits a bubble of time which has kept the surroundings preserved as they were then -- including a lost city of gold, inhabited by Maygor savages who worship the only Luron survivor, Godrin, as their deity. Godrin convinces the Doctor to bring him to London, but once there uses modern technology to send a signal to the Luron fleet to commence an invasion of Earth. The Doctor and Romana manage to infiltrate the Luron mothership and take control of its power source. Faced with destruction, the Lurons agree to abandon their invasion.
References: Doctor Who Yearbook 1996, Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition #9

Volvok The Sixth Doctor
aka Strange Encounter
Writer: Ian Marter Notes: Marter had played companion Harry Sullivan during Season Twelve, and had also written several Doctor Who novelisations for Target Books. On February 2nd, 1984, he was commissioned to write a storyline for “Strange Encounter”. A script for the first episode was later commissioned under the title “Volvok”, but the adventure was ultimately dropped.
Characters: Presumably the Sixth Doctor, Peri
Episodes: 2 (45-minute)
Planned For: Season Twenty-Two
Stage Reached: Script for episode one
Synopsis: Apparently involved hospital overcrowding.
References: Doctor Who: The Eighties, Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition #3

Warmongers The Fifth Doctor
Writers: Marc Platt and Jeremy Bentham Notes: Platt and Bentham submitted this unsolicited idea during 1983. Both were longtime Doctor Who fans; Bentham, who used the pseudonym “Charles M Stevens”, was a cofounder of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society. “Warmongers” was rejected, but Platt later wrote Ghost Light for Season Twenty-Six.
Characters: The Fifth Doctor
Episodes: Unknown
Planned For: Season Twenty-One
Stage Reached: Story idea
Synopsis: The Sontarans and the Rutans battle each other in England during the Blitz.
References: Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition #3

Way Down Yonder The Fifth Doctor
Writer: Lesley Elizabeth Thomas Notes: Nathan-Turner was inspired to develop a serial which could be partly filmed in the United States after vacationing in New Orleans during February 1981. Thomas, an American writer living in the UK, was commissioned to prepare a storyline on April 23rd, 1981. This would have included filming in the southern US, but Nathan-Turner and script editor Eric Saward felt that Thomas' idea did not work as a Doctor Who concept, and “Way Down Yonder” was abandoned sometime after November 1981.
Characters: The Fifth Doctor, presumably with Nyssa and Tegan
Episodes: 4
Planned For: Season Twenty
Stage Reached: Storyline
Synopsis: Unknown
References: Doctor Who: The Eighties, Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition #s 1, 3

The White Witch The First Doctor
Writer: Brian Hayles Notes: Hayles was commissioned to write a storyline for “The White Witch” on November 16th, 1965. It was abandoned on January 17th, 1966 because departing story editor Donald Tosh felt that it did not fit the vision espoused by the incoming production team of Innes Lloyd and Gerry Davis.
Characters: The First Doctor, Steven, Dodo
Episodes: Unknown
Planned For: Season Three
Stage Reached: Storyline
Synopsis: Unknown
References: Doctor Who Magazine #196, Doctor Who: The Handbook: The First Doctor

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