The Doctor Who Production Diary: June 10th

1966 Recording for The War Machines takes place in Riverside Studio 1; Michael Craze and Anneke Wills join the regular Doctor Who cast The War Machines
1967 Debut broadcast of The Evil Of The Daleks episode four on BBC1 The Evil Of The Daleks
1967 Recording for The Evil Of The Daleks takes place in Lime Grove Studio D The Evil Of The Daleks
1968 Filming for The Mind Robber takes place at the BBC Television Centre Puppet Theatre The Mind Robber
1972 Debut broadcast of The Time Monster episode four on BBC1 The Time Monster
1977 K·9 is announced in the press as a new regular Doctor Who character K·9
1982 Andrew Stephenson is commissioned to provide a storyline for “The House That Ur-Cjak Built”, and Colin Davis for “The Place Where All Times Meet” The Fifth Doctor
1983 Colin Baker is offered the role of the Sixth Doctor The Sixth Doctor
1988 Recording for The Greatest Show In The Galaxy takes place on the parking lot of BBC Elstree The Greatest Show In The
1989 Location filming for Survival takes place in Perivale, Middlesex Survival
1993 “The Dark Dimension” is announced as a production by BBC Enterprises The Seventh Doctor
2006 Debut broadcast of The Satan Pit on BBC1 The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit
2008 David Brierly (the second actor to provide the voice of K·9) dies K·9
2017 Debut broadcast of Empress Of Mars on BBC1 and BBC1 HD Empress Of Mars