The Doctor Who Production Diary: June 17th

1964 Filming for The Reign Of Terror takes place at the Ealing Television Film Studios The Reign Of Terror
1966 Recording for The War Machines takes place in Riverside Studio 1; Jackie Lane leaves Doctor Who The War Machines
1967 Debut broadcast of The Evil Of The Daleks episode five on BBC1 The Evil Of The Daleks
1967 Recording for The Evil Of The Daleks takes place in Lime Grove Studio D The Evil Of The Daleks
1969 Jon Pertwee is introduced to the press as the Third Doctor The Third Doctor
1972 Debut broadcast of The Time Monster episode five on BBC1 The Time Monster
1974 Christopher Langley's “Space Station” is abandoned The Fourth Doctor
1976 Location filming for The Hand Of Fear takes place in Oldbury-on-Severn, Gloucestershire The Hand Of Fear
1977 Location filming for The Sun Makers takes place in London The Sun Makers
1982 Thomas Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams) is born Rory
1987 Sophie Aldred is contracted to play Ace in Dragonfire, with an option for two further seasons Ace
1987 Recording for Paradise Towers takes place in BBC Television Centre Studio 8 Paradise Towers
2006 Debut broadcast of Love & Monsters on BBC1 Love & Monsters
2017 Debut broadcast of The Eaters Of Light on BBC1 and BBC1 HD The Eaters Of Light